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Jiangsu Baolong Electromechanical
Manufacturing Co., Ltd

75 Kunlun North Road
213300 Liyang
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Herr Aibing Sheng




BBP160 Thorn roller debarker

Low investment, low energy consumption, taking up less space, low construction cost, moderate capacity. Suitable for small and medium-sized chipper and also used for separation the materials.weiterlesen

Re-chipper Series

The re-chipper is used in the production of raw materials for wood-based panel, paper-making, namely the auxiliary products of wood chips production, and is used for cutting big wood chips that have been chipped and sifted, and cutting joiner's leftover bits and other short material, imporving the comprehensive ...weiterlesen

Wood Chip Screen Series

The serial wood chip screen of our company is a special device of wood chip preparing section, mainly used in the sorting of wood chips of different size in the production process of the wood chip. The sorting specification could be realized through changing different hole size screen mesh. Extensively ...weiterlesen

Disc Chipper Series

The disc chipper is a special equipment for producing high-quality wood chips, used in the industries of papermaking, shaving board, fabric board, and wood chip production and export base. The disc chipper can turn logs and small diameter wood into high quality industrial wood chips with uniform length, ...weiterlesen

Drum Chipper Series

The drum chipper is a special equipment for wood chips production, widely used in the prodution of DMF, common shaving board and paper industry, as the main machine of chips preparing section, over 1000 various types of chippers have been manufactured and used around the world accumulatively. Our ...weiterlesen

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