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Robots are being more and more frequently used In our systems to perform particularly difficult operations and because of their flexibility.weiterlesen

Unloader - Stacker "SC1"

Stacker SC1 with hydraulic platform and retractable tangs system.weiterlesen

Loader "CT2"

Bridge loader with two vacuum heads for fast infeed up to 12 loading cycles per minute. Used for loading medium-sized boards with lengths up to 3m. The loading head can be supplied with rotating movement up to 180°. The mechanized systems combined with the loading system CT2 are designed to suit individual ...weiterlesen

Unloader - Stacker "SC2"

One length unloader-stacker SC1 with angular elements, one movable shoulder and one fixed shoulder, suitable for stacking packs for high outputs. They can be supplied with containers for the stickers stored as programmed by the machine.weiterlesen

Loader "CT4"

Bridge loader CT4, with vacuum system and four heads for picking layers of boards placed side by side up to 6m in length. CT4 can load up to four cycles per minute with a capacity of up to 700kg. It is fitted with a brush for recovering the stickers from the top of the pack. The automated systems combined ...weiterlesen

Infeed Unit "CSM"

Infeed unit for multiblade saw heavy duty series CSM with 2 motorized wheels having independent motion. It is equipped with a lateral aligner to ensure that the workpiece is kept safely against the fence during infeed. Electronically-controlled variable speed drive 1.1kw. Adjustable speed up to 40m/1'. Feed ...weiterlesen

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