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Power Machines Fezer Ind. Mec.

865 Rua Gerhard Fezer
89500-000 Cacador SC
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Fax: +55 49 35612250


Herr Fernando Fezer
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Telefon: +55 4935612222
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2012)


Knife and Metl Grinders

- Precision knife grinders, with cup, ring or segmented heel. - Horizontal grinders, with segmented wheel up to 700 mm diameter, length from 1.5 to 12 m, table width 220 and 250 mm, electromagnetic, mechanical or pneumatic clamping of pieces.weiterlesen

chipper / chippers accessories

- Portable Chipper, model PFF. The chipper is assembled on heavy-duty forestry frame pulled by tractor. Count on rodochipper's main characteristics and features and its forestry frame allow the operation on difficult access sites. - Portable Chipper, model Rodochipper. Is assembled on road trailer with ...weiterlesen


Product Range: - Upstroke Rotary slicer, knife length 3.700 and 4.100 mm, 120 strokes/minute, staylog with rotating keys with independent drive, staylog inclines for cutting of conical shaped flitches. - Upstroke Vertical slicer, knife length 3.700 and 4.300 mm, 100 strokes/minute. - Lumber slicer, ...weiterlesen

Vacuum Feeders / Veneer Dryers

Product-Range: - Type VAC Roller dryer vacuum feeders, for feeding 3 - 6 decks dryers. Capacity to cycle up to 24 loads per minute. - Type AS semi-automatic roller dryer feeders. Type AV press dryer vacuum feeder, specially designed to feed peeled faces of 4x8'. - Type SR Veneer roller dryers, ...weiterlesen

Rotary Lines

Product range: - Centering Chargers - Clippers - Vacuum Stackers - Veneer Transport Systems - Veneer Latheweiterlesen


product range: - Chain saw for sizing of veneer or timber bundles, model SS. - High speed pendulum circular saw for dimensioning of blocks, model LCS. Two saws can be assembled in tandem with conveyors for higher speed. - Chain saw for sizing of blocks, length of bar according to need, model SBH. - ...weiterlesen

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