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Halle 11, Stand D32
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Freud S.p.A.

Via Padova 3
Zona Industriale di Feletto Umberto
33010 Tavagnacco
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Fax: +39 0432 551440


Herr Joerg Seidel
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Frau Francesca Gattesco
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Herr Joerg Seidel
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Frau Francesca Gattesco
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Freud S.p.A. Società Unipersonale
Headquarter (Konzern)
Freud Canada, Inc.
Freud, Inc.
High Point
Vereinigte Staaten (USA)
Freud International Trading co. ltd.
Freud Tooling (UK) Ltd.
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Split-Edge knife

Maximized efficiencyweiterlesen

H.S.I. - ISOprofil

Increased productivityweiterlesen

Solid carbide spiral cutters

freud solid carbide spiral cutters are manufactured in a micrograin carbide formula specifically engineered with high level of hardness (2000 HV10) and tenacity, for the greatest resistance to impact. The production of dedicated carbide formulas ensures the highest performance of the spiral cutters, ...weiterlesen

LSB X - Saw blades for panel sizing

freud LSBX range guarantees improved tolerance and balance. Together with an increased durability per sharpening cycle, due to the latest improvements in the production process, the LSBX range delivers a superior performance in the panel sizing applications, for their advanced technology. The blade ...weiterlesen

Saw blades for forestry

Maximum resistance to heavy dutyweiterlesen

DP scorers

freud scorer tips combine the hardness of the Polycristalline Diamond with the extreme wear resistance of the in-house manufactured carbide and achieve extended lifetime. The addition of freud Silver I.C.E. Coating ensures lower operating temperature and delivers cut precision. freud DP conical and ...weiterlesen

Carbide components

A full range to satisfy the client requirements: disposable knives and blanks for profiling . The disposable knives and blanks for profiling are created in several carbide grades, to develop the most suitable hardness and strength to impact.weiterlesen


ISOprofil: freud revolutionary system that has become the window tooling standard. For a perfect profile: the ISOprofil system automatically recovers the tool's cutting diameter after each re-sharpening. No more machine re-programming: the wedge raises the knife until it compensates the reduction of ...weiterlesen

DP - Saw blades for panel cutting

The optimized blade with DP tips for exceptionally longer lifetime .The Polycrystalline Diamond tips are combined with a dedicated grinding type, specific for each tool application. Only this combination can offer premium finishing, on single and stacked panels. Stability for perfect cuts. The specially ...weiterlesen

LM10 - Blade for wet wood multiripping

The LM10 saw blade for multiripping on wet wood with extreme lifetime due to 3 unique features: - Dedicated gullet design: increased chip expulsion. The special gullets are designed to direct more sawdust aside with the support of the internal rakers slots. The blade stays cleaner for longer, therefore ...weiterlesen

CG08 - Performance Knives up to 20% longer lifetime

New CG08: Constant superior cutting quality from the first to last cut due to: 1. New HM mix: medium hardness = suitable for universal use 2. Superior cuting edge: extremely thin and preciseweiterlesen

LM09 - thin kerf ripping saw blade

LM09 - thin kerf ripping blade for material saving, due to: 1. Extra thin body to reduce material waste to a minimum 2. High precision manufacturing & dedicated body materials to allow stability even for thin bodyweiterlesen

LSB - Panel sizing saw blade

New panel sizing saw balde with 30% extra longer lifetime, due to: 1. Improved manufacturing process for longer lifetime per re-sharpening cycle 2. freud's unique super square tooth enables more times of re-sharpeningweiterlesen

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