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75306 Jüri, Harjumaa
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Aspiration systems and re-circulation filters

Recirculation filters, aspiration pipelines, fans and silos, for wood processing enterprises and by-products processing mills. Hekotek designs and produces equipment for collecting and cleaning the air containing sawdust and fine particles and reversing clean air back to production area. Our recirculation ...weiterlesen

Boilers houses

Major part of our solutions are fit the capacity range 0,5-5,0 MW, where we offer complex approach - from design and production to daily customer support. Our technical solutions ensure efficient use of both wet wood-wastes (sawdust and woodchips, moisture content up to 50%) and dry wood-wastes from ...weiterlesen

Pellet factories

Full complete factories for producing of wooden pellets - turn key projects based on pellet presses from world leading producers. Capacities starting from 20 000 tons of pellets / year. Solutions for using of wet or dry raw material - sawdust, chips etc.weiterlesen

Timber sorting lines

Full complete lines for sorting of green (wet) or dry timber with different types of mechanization / automation. Horizontal or vertical sorting pockets, sticker-stackers, package presses etc.weiterlesen

Conveyors for chips, sawdust and bark

Different conveyors (scraper, belt, screw, elevator conveyors) for handling of woodworking residues - chips, sawdust and bark or wooden pelletsweiterlesen

Log infeeding lines to sawmills, chippers, plywood production lines

Full complete infeeding lines with different possibilities of log turning (orientation) top end firstweiterlesen

Log sorting lines

Full complete log sorting lines for sorting of logs in sawmills, plywood factories etc.weiterlesen

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