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Kyocera Unimerco Tooling

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Kyocera Unimerco Tooling A/S

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Herr Karl Kyndi
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Hoggers for formatting

Kyocera Unimerco has solved all the challenges of the board furniture industry in relation to formatting with the six DP hoggers: UM First DP hogger, UM First DP compact hogger, UM MAX DP hogger, UM MAX DP radius hogger, UM MAX g-segment hogger and UM MAX segment hogger. All six types are double climb ...weiterlesen


UM-Profile is a flexible system with exchangeable 2 mm knives, which improves stability and permits more regrinds. Available as shank-type tooling for use on CNC machines or as bore tools for use on molds. Blocks can also be supplied with deflector plates for use on manual feed machines. Another possibility ...weiterlesen

Solid carbide spirals

Solid carbide spirals Kyocera Unimerco offers a wide selection of standard cutters for most applications. Our standard program ranges in size from diameters 6-25 mm with various cut lengths depending on the diameter. We deliver positive and negative spirals as well as left or right hand rotations. Customized ...weiterlesen


SoftCut Kyocera Unimercos new planing cutter is named SoftCut. SoftCut is designed with turnover knives placed in spiral. The number of teeth depends on the application, but SoftCut is primarily developed for tasks with high feed speed. However, it is also used for other applications, for example on ...weiterlesen

EasyCut and EQS

Less after-treatment of MDF boardsweiterlesen

DP Shank type cutters

Designed with axial angle, which means excellent cutting quality on the top as well as bottom part of the work piece. Optimum tooling economy and the lowest possible unit cost. Minimum fiber rise and tear our means improved cutting quality and excellent products.weiterlesen

DP Circular Saw Blades

The special tooth form means optimum cutting quality, long tool life and low noise. If the priorities are lower post-processing costs and improved working environment, the PCD saw blade is the ideal solution. We manufacture the full range of DP saw blades for all applications such as sizing, scoring, ...weiterlesen

Jointing cutters

Long tool life and excellent finish make the DP jointing cutter a great choice if you want to make the most of your machinery. Cutting and axial angle are designed for chip-free cutting on upper as well as lower side. DP jointing cutters are available for specific machinery and for the exact feed speed ...weiterlesen

Cutters for Edge bander

In order to meet market demands, Kyocera Unimerco has developed DP cutters for all known edge banding machines like Holz-Her, Homag, Brandt, Ott, IMA etc. They are manufactured with focus on best possible chip flow and optimum cutting quality on solid wood edges, veneer and plastic edge bands. Whether ...weiterlesen

BT and WT cutters

With the newly developed formatting tools BT and WT cutters you achieve many advantages in the day-to-day production. Long tool life means fewer tool changes, more efficient production and thus improved capacity. Minimum fibre rise and tear out means improved quality, great looking surface and more exclusive ...weiterlesen

BK Cutter

With its unique geometry, Black King enables you to reduce unit costs. At the same time, it's possible to get an unprecedented surface quality, which means reduced after-treatment. The Black King system will change productions methods in the wood and furniture industries.weiterlesen

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