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Logo Lemtapes
Halle 15, Stand D38
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Lemtapes Oy

Tikinmaantie 66
37630 Valkeakoski


Frau Tuija Aali
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Telefon: +358 405845101
Frau Satu Uskali
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Telefon: +358 505446026
Herr Kyösti Haapoja
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Telefon: +358 408280661
Herr Sami Liponkoski
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Telefon: +358 408422470
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SHINY Veneer Tape VT2020

Invisible becomes visible!weiterlesen

Lemtapes Veneer Tape (VT)

Hotmelt coated tapes for veneer composing and welding to be used in Raute , Meinan and Kuper machines, as well as with hot tube or wheel application systems. VT 20XX series, Tensile strength > 11 kg VT 2010 standard clear tape, Birch VT 2060 standard blue tape, Birch, Nordic Softwood VT 2080 standard ...weiterlesen

Lemtapes Hotmelt Adhesive

Specially designed hotmelt adhesives for veneer composing. Our adhesives are excellent for using with machinery from Hashimoto, Cremona and many others who combine the adhesive and PET string in the composing process. We have also several options of PET uncoated strings available. Lemtapes A 635 is ...weiterlesen

Lemtapes Veneer String (VS)

Lemtapes Veneer string is a round hotmelt coated string to compose and join core veneers with Kuper, Raute and other machinery and to join face veneers with Kuper and similar machinery VS 210 is a standard clear string for face veneer jointing VS 1010 is a standard blue string for core veneer composingweiterlesen

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