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Ming Ping Machinery

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Halle 17, Stand A61
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Ming Ping Machinery Co., Ltd.

No.3 Al. 51, L. 851, Chung Shan Rd.
Shen Kang District
429 Taichung City
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Fax: +886 4 2512 0828




Economic Segmented Pad Sander

1. Equipped sensors to detect 16mm/32mm distance for work pieces with irregular shapes or edges. 2. Pressure beam system provides compensation for up to +/-1mm tolerance which various to the thickness. Every sanding pad adjusting pressure continuously regardless of work piece shapes. This will prevent ...weiterlesen

Top - Bottom Sanding Systems

Top-bottom sanding finished in one process without belt conveyor installed, could be connected or stood alone, suitable for solid wood, sealer, and veneer.weiterlesen

Top Sander (Table up / down)

Suitable for single operation.weiterlesen

Top Sander (Table fixed)

Suitable for auto line operation.weiterlesen

Milling Sanding Machine

Running smoothly and silently, without tearing woods apart, milling and sanding finished in one process.weiterlesen

Sanding Machine

We provide sanding machines with the following specifications: * segmented pad sanders * Milling machines/Milling sanding machines * Top-Bottom sanding systems * SU (Table-fixed)/ST(Table up/down)-Top sanders * 90°~180° Turning conveyors * Endless rubber beltsweiterlesen

Endless Rubber Belt

The endless belts without tearing problem at junction and surface patterns have an extremely high coefficient of friction and covered with varying degrees of Shore Hardness. WEIPINMECH provides a range of belts which high quality materials used together with modern technology for Sanders, Grinders, ...weiterlesen

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