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MION & MOSOLE I.a.I S.p.a.

Via della Libertà 33
31030 Candelu
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Belt conveyor

Machine suitable for moving various bulk materials (wood, inert materials, iron powders, etc.). The conveyor, usually made of durable metals, has two pulleys (a powered driver and an unpowered idler), a belt which can be supplied in various materials, and a gear motor that drives the system. Belt conveyors ...weiterlesen

Suction benchs

The suction bench is suitable for sanding small and medium sized pieces of wood. It is equipped with a suction pipe that connects to an existing suction system. Technical features: - scratch-proof wooden strips on surface of bench - Adjustable support legs. - Built of galvanized iron sheet (coating ...weiterlesen


Machine for reducing the size of wood waste. Technical features: - Balanced rotor with replaceable iron teeth - Heavy-duty casing - Hydraulic pistons maintain materials in contact with rotor Benefits: - Robust waste reduction system - Low maintenance costs - High quality hydraulic components; - ...weiterlesen

Piece-cutting machine

Machine for reducing the length of pieces of wood waste. Technical features: - Cutting blade driven by hydraulic pistons - Heavy-duty casing - Safety casing - Outlet with conveyor belt connection Benefits: - Low maintenance costs; - Low energy consumption - High quality hydraulic components; - ...weiterlesen


A treatment plant which removes air pollutants using microorganisms contained in a support material. The incoming air passes upwards through the filter bed, which consists of particles of organic material, on the surface of which forms a thin aqueous layer, or «biofilm». In the biofilm resident microorganisms, ...weiterlesen

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