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Nagoya University - Bioagricultural

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Halle 11, Stand G70
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Thema: Forschung und Lehre


Nagoya University
Graduate School of
Bioagricultural Sciences

Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku,
Nagoya 464-8601
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Fax: +81 52 789 4010


Remodeled bandsaw and circular saw

Remodeled bandsaw and circular saw to control washboarding during sawing: The purpose of our study is to control the rugged sawn surface like washboard during bandsawing and cicrularsawing. The cause of generation of the rugged sawn surface had been the self-excited vibration of bandsaw. The self-excited ...weiterlesen

High speed on-line grading system

High speed on-line grading system of wood by Vis-NIR spectroscopy. We developed new high speed on-line grading system, which consists of NIR spectrophotometer and visible imaging camera. The diffusely reflected spectra and imaging of woods were measured under running speed of conveyer at 120 m/min. ...weiterlesen

System eng. for Bio-resources

We introduced tim-of-flight spectroscopy to clarify the optical characteristics of wood. The device mainly consist of semiconductor laser and streak camera. Attention was paid to the variation of the single pulsed laser in a short time domain to observe the real light absorption/scattering conditions ...weiterlesen

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