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NEVA - TRADE s.r.o.

Husova 537
378 21 Kardasova Recice
Tschechische Republik
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Fax: +420 384 377 187


Herr Ing. Vaclav Müller
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Herr Ladislav Duba
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Herr Jiri Janouch
Telefon: +420 384377122
Frau Eliska Frydlova
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RF Presses

SL Series of Slant Gluers for the production of edge-glued panels and door frames. The SL Series of Slant Gluers will glue your panels in seconds, reducing your labor costs while increasing your production.weiterlesen

PUR Continuous Engineered Flooring Press

PUR Continuous Engineered Flooring Press is a high volume and heavy duty roll press for the lamination of engineered flooring which uses fast curing PUR adhesives. The press is constructed with a window style steel frame and precision machined lineal steel beams forming a sturdy frame base for applying ...weiterlesen

Vertical Cold Presses

Vertical Cold Presses are custom made according to customers size of flooring product. Machines with heavy duty design, hydraulic cylinders and variable size of working area. Optionally installed front pressure system with screw, pneumatic or hydraulic system.weiterlesen

Wood Defect Repair System DRS 300

Repair system for wood defects designed to fill and repair knots and cracks in wood flooringweiterlesen

Frame saw blades

We offer frame saw blades. - thin saw kerf - economic cutting, - height quality in good price, - long saw blade life, - simple sharpeningweiterlesen

CNC grinding machine

The grinder is the ideal machine for sharpening stellite, CV, bimetal and carbide-tipped saw blades of 8 - 80 mm wide. It operates with ceramic, CBN or diamond grinding wheels using water cooling. Grinding cycle is controlled via CNC servo motors; with the result that the saw tooth dynamics remain consistent. ...weiterlesen

Horizontal CNC Re-Saw REMAX 500

Heavy-duty horizontal band saw for all your re-sawing applications, including flooring, windows doors, furniture and musical instruments. Unlike other re-saws, the RE-MAX 500 is built from solid cast iron, and incorporates a durable and effective guiding system and thin-kerf saw blades under high tension. ...weiterlesen

Thincutting Frame Saws

Frame saws cut solid wood blocks into glueable slats with minimum saw kerf waste. Solid cast iron machine construction minimizes vibration. Sturdy and durable cast iron saw frame carriage. Solid steel crank arms. Feed roller movements is synchronized with the up/down movement of the saw frame. There ...weiterlesen

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