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Officina Meccanica Sestese SpA

Via Borgomanero 44
28040 Paruzzaro
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Hooding machine mod.IS45

The OMS IS45 stretch hood machine ( PATENTED SYSTEM) has been designed for a high performance (up to 240 pcs/hr) while keeping a high quality and aesthetic standard of the packaged product. With a few easy operations to the innovative coil holder it is possible to prepare the coil which will go ...weiterlesen

Strapping machine 06GS

The strapping machine horizontal model 06GS makes fully automatic packaging of products on pallets, in any field of production, which need to be made solid with each other during handling, transport and any storage warehouse. 60GS has the following features: * Strap type: polypropylene (PP), polyester ...weiterlesen

Combined hooding machine mod.AT53

The automatic hooding machine mod. AT53 packs palatalized products with tubular heat shrinking film. The hot air release linear gas burners are designed to work both with methane and propane gas, ( validation number DG2217 BL 0557) released by the German Gas Institute, valid throughout the entire European ...weiterlesen

Wrapping machine mod. AV200

The AV200 wrapping machine with rotary table and motorized roller-way is ideal for medium productions. The machine is equipped with a completely automatic film holding, cutting and welding device as well as a motorized prestratching group which considerably saves film consumption. The AV200 can also ...weiterlesen

Strapping machine mod. ISM

The ISM squaring and strapping system is the last generation of system to square and strap corrugated carton packs. The ISM series has been designed with a new revolutionary automatic coil changing system with the following features: * Strap type: polypropylene (PP) * Usable straps: width 5mm thickness ...weiterlesen

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