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Agata Szkutnik

ul. Dzieci Warszwawy 27B/4
02-495 Warsaw
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Fax: +48 22 26683 76


Herr Michal Kucharski
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Telefon: +48 505 171 800


Ventilated sanding blocks

We offer ventilated sanding blocks which are produced for sanding inside and outside of profiled elements made from solid wood, wooden derivative boards, artificial materials.weiterlesen

Sanding belts

We offer endless wide and narrow sanding belts on paper and on cloth.weiterlesen

Brushes for structuring

PolishStyl offers different kinds of structuring brushes. These brushes can be made with steel or tynex wire composed of abrasive grain in a nylon base). Steel wire are available in different size and types. This product is suitable for hard wood. The first passage scratches the surface removing the ...weiterlesen

Pneumatic handled and stationary brushing machines

PolishStyl is a producer of pneumatic handled brushing machines which are made for quick and effective sanding of wood and wooden elements in piles. The right combination of our sanding brushes allows to obtain excellent surface quality. We also cooperate with several companies who are producers of stationary ...weiterlesen

Sanding brushes - flexible process of sanding

PolishStyl offers a quick and economic system of finishing surfaces during grinding wood, wooden materials and lacquer coatings. Thanks to optimized parameters of our brushes and selection of flexibility of sanding technology, we are able to cope with most difficult and untypical challenges, at the same ...weiterlesen

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