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Wood crusher

The wooden mill differs from the shredder in that it performs a coarser reduction and supports generally wood materials containing impurities: pebbles, nails. SGM Services specializes in the manufacture of crushers and mills bark pallets and wood packaging. The associated equipment such as deferaillage ...weiterlesen

Wood Chipper

Operating principle of wood chippers Also called cutter, wood chipper is intended to transform the sub timber products: slabs, edgings, falls ... or peeling: leaves scrap cores ... in paper quality pads for panel production or energy primarily. Many other applications can make the best this area, such ...weiterlesen

Rounder, reducing leg

Also called "feet reducer", the rounder generally complements the debarker to reduce the base of the tree to a cylinder which facilitates its conveyor and its introduction into the debarker and sawing lines. Depending on their location in the log yard there are many versions of these arrondisseurs. ...weiterlesen

Debarking floating rotor

Principle of operation of the floating rotor debarker As the name suggests this debarker is equipped with a rotor which moves vertically and is automatically centered depending on the diameter of the logs. Wood is focused on fixed tracks and trains run by pinch in bogie mounted on brackets moving vertically ...weiterlesen

Debarking fixed rotor

Operation of the fixed-rotor principle debarker The rotor of this debarker being fixed, you must come to the center the wooden machine. To do this the ecorceuse is powered by a pivoting conveyor and the timber is then held by sets of rollers with articulated pins at 120 ° with a private operator and ...weiterlesen

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