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surfactor Germany GmbH

Braunschweiger Str. 23B
38170 Schöppenstedt
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Frau Jenny Eß
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Herr Dr. Gunther Martin
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2017)


Schon seit mehr als 75 Jahren arbeiten unsere Mitarbeiter in der Herstellung von Oberflächenbeschichtungen. Hervorgegangen aus Coveright Surfaces Germany und Dynea Chemicals Finland setzt surfactor Maßstäbe in der Entwicklung neuer Prozesstechnologien. Durch unsere jahrzehntelange Präsenz in der Branche verfügen wir über unschätzbare Erfahrungen und wertvolles Know-how. Kombiniert mit modernster Technik und firmeneigenen Entwicklungen sind wir heute ein international führender Ansprechpartner für Oberflächenlösungen. Wir fördern richtungsweisende Technologien und treiben Innovationen aktiv voran.

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surfactor Finland Oy
surfactor Germany GmbH
Headquarter (Konzern)
surfactor Americas LLC
Centralia, Washington
Vereinigte Staaten (USA)
LPPF Pacific Films Sdn. Bhd.
Pasir Gudang, Johor



With over 75 years experience within the plywood industry our highly qualified staff convert resins such as phenol, melamine and other organic compounds to create premium surface finishes within the automotive, transport, construction, furniture and marine industries. Depending on the application of ...weiterlesen


You want to have long-lasting and durable glue line or a transparent coverage? Wherever high quality veneers were joined in a dry bonding process and glued together, or value adding is executed and the highest precision and reliability are required, you can use surfactor glue films or overlays. Where ...weiterlesen

Wooden composites

surfactor offers solutions for bonding/gluing veneers with each other or in combination with other substrates for value adding to the surface e.g. composites such as HPL/CPL/aluminum/metals/textiles/leather/horn... We impregnate suitable carriers with our in-house developed and produced resin systems. ...weiterlesen


The direct postforming process on your particle or MDF board could be arranged by our modified synthetic resin films. By adding a baseTEG underlay you will get an optimal surface appearance with high crack resistance and a brilliant release behavior. Our primer films are provided with a glue line on ...weiterlesen


North America homebuyers have always had a strong preference for wood-framed and wood-sheathed housing. Oriented strandboard (OSB), introduced in 1978, has steadily taken market share from Douglas fir and southern pine plywood in these structural wood panel sheathing applications. More recently, North ...weiterlesen

Particle boards

Excellent surface films of own resin development and continuous optimization of curing behavior for your particle boards. Our broad program of melamine films is the result of experience over decades with all kind of requirements for the woodworking industry. A mutual understanding and partnership with ...weiterlesen


Creativity is the base for all technical innovation. The balanced mix of material properties, purpose and application makes products unique and irreplaceable. We are looking for new challenges and offer development co-operations for projects to find new solutions with our partners. You can find our film ...weiterlesen

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