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Tecnolev di Bedoni Luciano

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Tecnolev di Bedoni Luciano

Via della Serenissima 10
37051 Bovolone
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Herr Bedoni Luciano



Brushes for the sanding, gleaning and radius of panels or milled profiles more or less complex. Availables with different elements of composition : tampico, ppl, abrasive cloth, scotch brite.... in order to answer to the specific needs of the customers.weiterlesen


They are brushes realized for the brushing and the finishing of profiles and surfaces of moderate ampleness. They are countersigned for their simplicity of use. They don't need the subsitution of the worn-out materials since the complete exhausted product is discarded.weiterlesen


It's a sanding system studied for profiles of simple execution where it requires a quick change of the abrasive. Particularly suitable for the frame sector.weiterlesen


It's the solution offered for the treatment of every kind of surface. The special and considerable innovation is given by the modularity of the brush that allows not to have any restriction for diameters and heights, and to have the practicality to change the worn-out inserts in a fast, easy and cheap ...weiterlesen


Innovative and practical disposable system for the finishing of every kind of shaped profiles. It was been realized purposely to offer to the operator practicality of use and immediate restoration for new manufactures, without breaks.weiterlesen

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