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Tehno Filter d.o.o.

Valpovacka 24
31300 Beli Manastir
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Herr Danijel H Hanzek
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Silos for sawdust with flat bottom, type FS 4000 and 5000 are made from quality steel plates and profles, welded and segmently connected each other. Emptying is carried out by gravity or by different type of available extractors that regulates the amount of material that is exempt. Silos are equiped ...weiterlesen


CTF-VIS is a centrifugal dust separator (cyclone) and used for dry separation of dust with a relatively small dimension, improved separation of the high speed of flow in the cyclone. Higher velocities in the cyclone increased effciency for smaller dust particles (up to 35µm). The maximum separation of ...weiterlesen


CTF-UNI is a universal dust separator (cyclone) for separation of larger dust particles, larger dimensions and small bulk density in wood working industries, mineral wool production, etc. It has been used as a primary separator in pneumatic transport, installations and extraction systems where dust particles ...weiterlesen

Rotary Valve type TFI

Rotary Valve type TFI discharges dust while guaranteeing the sealed separation of two transport systems, pneumatic or mechanical. It may be used as a discharge device for dust filter and cyclones. The steel rotor is fitted with flexible reinforced rubber blades that seal against the Inside of the valve ...weiterlesen

Bag filter unit Pmv

PMV series is a self cleaning dust collector with bag flter. PMV is built for a continuous operation thanks to the automatic cleaning system Pulse Jet which reduces the risks of clogging and consequently it reduces the necessary times for maintenance. The fabric flter is manufactured in tubular shape ...weiterlesen

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