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Utensil Centro S.r.l.

Via dell' Industria 7
61022 Montecchio di Vallefoglia
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Fax: +39 0721 499875


Diamond Polycristalline Tools

We are producer of all diamond polycristalline tools (profiled cutter with bore, profiled routers with shank, standard router, cutter head for edge banding machine, adjustable cutter head for squadring machine, hogger, etc.).weiterlesen

Profiled knives HM integral

We offer profiled knives HM integral. Art.610 Profiled Knives on one side. Art.611 Profiled Knives on two sides. Art.612 Steel Profiled shaped support.weiterlesen

Solid Carbide Spiral Bits

We produce Solid Carbide Spiral Bits. ITEMS 217-218:Solid Carbide Spiral Bits Z1 ITEM 210: Solid Carbide Spiral Bits Z.2 Up Cut (Positive) ITEM 211: Solid Carbide Spiral Bits Z.2 Down Cut (Negative) ITEM 212: Solid Carbide Spiral Bits Z.3 Up Cut (Positive) ITEM 213: Solid Carbide Spiral Bits Z.3 ...weiterlesen

Mechanical Fixing Tools

Art.503 Profiled Head in alluminium or steel Cutterheads in HM with high efficiency, with body of tool shaped like knive with mechanic fixing system. Art.561 HM profile router with knives HM profile router with blades that can be resharpened. Made with 2 straigth or slanted cutting edges according ...weiterlesen


Art.820 PCD circular Saw-Blades Squaring blades for horizzontal or vertical sectioning machines with pre-scoring to cut wooden materials (MDF, rough/laminated hardboard, multilayer wood), plastic materials and laminated plastic. We offer different tooth patterns in order to guarantee perfect compatibility ...weiterlesen

Diamond tools (PCD) - Router Bits

Art.810 PCD Router Bits for Pantograph Z.1 with Hard Metal Body Router bits to make holes on hinges or tanks on point-to-point boring machines and line machines, for raw and melamine panels, MDF, multilayer panels. They can stand 2/3 grinding operations - Axial tips - Under tips, special pockets are ...weiterlesen

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