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Voorwood Company

2350 Barney Street
Anderson, CA 96007
Vereinigte Staaten (USA)
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Voorwood Model M15 Edge Milling

Voorwood Model M15 Edge Milling/Miter Machine The M15 will make mortise and tenon cuts at 0, 45 and 90 degrees. Used for mitered door frames and cabinet face frames.weiterlesen

Voorwood Model A517F-CNC

Voorwood Model A517F-CNC Arch Shaper/Sander The A517F will profile and sand a single edge of a board in one pass. Rectangular panels can be contoured or straight edge shaped and sanded.weiterlesen

A11 Table Shaper Sander

The A11 is the first table shaper that simultaneously sands edge profiles, eliminating the need for hand sanding. The A11 processes straight edges as well as curved edges using a template system.weiterlesen


The A1515-CNC Auto Feed-through Shaper Sander is fully equipped to automatically position all necessary adjustments for each profile setup, and features and automatic tool changer for each shaping/sanding station.weiterlesen

A215-CNC Double-sided Shaper Sander

Voorwood's A215-CNC Double-sided Shaper Sander profiles and sands both edged of a hardwood part in one pass. The CNC models will precut, profile and sand arch designs on one side of the substrate.weiterlesen

A517-CNC Arch Shaper Sander

Voorwood's revolutionary A517-CNC feed through arch machine, capable of shaping and sanding arch profiles on cabinet door components without precontouring. The A517 can accommodate up to seven shaping/sanding stations.weiterlesen

L117 Edge Foiler

The Voorwood model L117 scores (option), profiles, sands, and precleans, then applies transfer finishing foil to a single edge of your MDF parts in one pass, and can be configured with up to seven stations.weiterlesen

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