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Zhejiang Langchao Precision

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Zhejiang Langchao Precision
Machinery Co., Ltd.

No. 398 Wei San Road
Economic & Technical
Development Zone
310018 Hangzhou
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Fax: +86 571 86961133


Herr Renbin Li
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Telefon: +86 571 86752636
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Spiral Carbon Steel Shaper Cutter Head with Grooves for Woodworking

Woodworking cutter head made of carbon steel or Aluminum. Cutting knives are changeable, have two kinds different materials HSS and solid carbide. Cutter head design to produce grooves, plane, shape and doweling. Aluminum body has various colors such as red, golden, silver, blue, white, black and so ...weiterlesen

Multi TCT circular saw blades with carbide wipers

Saw blades made of premium steel and Micro grain carbide tips. Laser cutting makes sure low noise. Tri-metal shock resistant brazing. It allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability. Blades are balanced one by one automatic, precision devices. Tuning ring make sure no vibrating ...weiterlesen

Wood Shaper Cutters, Premium Chrome steel Solide Steel Cutters Series

These cutters are made of Premium Chrome steel. It has better performance for cutting soft wood. Different bore diameter fit for different woodworking milling machines. Soled Chrome steel can be re-ground many times. Various profiles can be designed to meet different customer's request. Plastic box package ...weiterlesen

Customized durable reversible Knives(HW) for woodworking cutting tools

Router bits components include Reduction bushing, stop collar, bearing, screw, nuts, wedge , bore reduction, bushes, T.C.T carbide tips, HSS profile knives, HSS planning knives and so on. Change the shank diameter or bore diameter to suitable different type woodworking machines. Use these parts to ...weiterlesen

Carbide Shaper Cutters, Thicker T.C.T Micro-grain Carbide Tips

T.C.T Shaper cutters Made of 45#carbon steel, the cutting tips are Micro-grain Tungsten carbide. The welding type is silver welding or copper welding. With two times grinding rough grinding and finish grinding make sure tips sharp and high precision. Cutters can be painted with different colors, such ...weiterlesen

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