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LIGNA Success Story: Lignum Consulting GmbH

"LIGNA brought us international name recognition"

An order for a gigantic furniture factory in Dubai is what¬ Lignum Consulting GmbH brought home from LIGNA 2015. The consulting company sees the trade show as the best place to present itself on the international stage.

"Industry 4.0 provides enormous opportunities for our industry," says Dieter Rezbach, CEO, Lignum Consulting GmbH. Before LIGNA opened its doors, the company designed a model showing how to accomplish integrated production. It demonstrates how companies in the timber and furniture industries can develop the entire process chain to make their manufacturing more customized, flexible and secure.

"LIGNA was the perfect platform to present this approach to our customers and an international audience"

Dieter Rezbach, CEO, Lignum Consulting GmbH

Integrated manufacturing is affecting the industry

"LIGNA's call to illustrate integrated production and Industry 4.0 and showcase it in presentations and guided tours was both a challenge and an opportunity for us," emphasizes Dieter Rezbach. "The events were well-attended and the thoroughly positive resonance during and after the trade show showed us that the '7 Building Blocks leading to a Connected Factory' we developed were practical guidelines for our industry."

Lignum has been a part of LIGNA since the company was founded in 2003. "Without our presence at the trade show we would never have been able to establish our name recognition and our brand image around the globe as fast as we have," says Dieter Rezbach.

All technical decision-makers in one place

2015 was a particularly good year. "In addition to numerous contacts and inquiries dealing with integrated production, we were also contracted by a new connection we made at LIGNA to plan a furniture factory with a 100,000 square meter production area in Dubai," says the Lignum CEO. "Once again, LIGNA was the backdrop against which we could present our company as a potential partner to customers. In addition to machine and plant contractors, all the industry’s technical decision-makers were among the visitors at the trade show," according to Rezbach.

"There is simply no better place in our industry to draw international attention."

Dieter Rezbach, CEO, Lignum Consulting GmbH

There is "no question" that the consultant company will continue to use the trade show as a platform, "and that is also due to our excellent collaboration with the LIGNA team. Right now though, I’m looking forward to the LIGNA Conference in May 2016."

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