LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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From Tree to Fuel

A to Z of firewood production

LIGNA 2017 features a comprehensive offering of exhibits, demonstrations and guided tours dedicated to wood fuel. The Firewood Production Line highlights the key role of renewable energy from wood.

Meeting Point: open air side, stand Q60

Energie aus Holz

The Firewood Production Line showcase features an extensive program of exhibits, demonstrations and guided tours for visitors.

LIGNA has a long-standing commitment to focus the world’s attention on promising new solutions for the efficient use of resources. And so in 2017, the show will once again explore the many and varied uses of wood as a renewable energy source in a cluster of special presentations themed “Energy from Wood”.

Exhibitors will present the latest solutions for energy forest cultivation, firewood processing and wood burner technology. There will be saws, wood chippers and log splitters for transforming logs into burner-ready firewood lengths, chips and pellets. And the wood burner technology on show will feature everything from firewood burners to fully automated wood chip and pellet burners.

These displays will be staged in and around the four pavilions and beneath the EXPO canopy on the open-air site, where they will be interspersed with presentations and demonstrations run by the German states of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia and by the German Forestry Council (KWF). The focus will be on forest management, timber harvesting, the use of wood as a construction material and, more especially, the use of wood as a renewable and eco-friendly energy source.

"From Tree to Fuel" chipwood production line

On the open-air site, the Lower Saxony Agricultural Association (LWK Niedersachsen) will showcase an entire chipwood production line at a presentation titled “From Tree to Fuel”. The showcase will demonstrate various technical processes involved in transforming solid wood into a useable fuel, including logistical and processing solutions for efficiently converting log sections into high-grade wood chips. Demand for these types of technologies is growing in Germany as more and more biomass and wood energy centers spring up.

Tours led by experts in wood energy

The showcase will also feature expert guided tours that will take in the open-air site and all the key wood-energy developments and innovations on show in the exhibition halls. Among much else, the tours will focus on solutions for ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent clean-air legislation.

The tours will be run twice daily, starting at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., by Carsten Brüggemann, a wood energy expert at the Lower Saxony Agricultural Association.


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