LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May

How exhibiting at LIGNA pays off

Five days of LIGNA – is it worth it? Thousands of exhibitors have already answered this question for themselves. To help you make your decision, we have put together an up-to-date Cost-Benefit Guide.


Benefit I: You present your products at the most important marketplace of the year

With over 93,000 trade visitors from around the world and 1,550 exhibitors, LIGNA is the world’s leading trade show for the woodworking and timber processing industry. Top decision-makers are on the lookout for machines, plants and tools and are ready to make concrete business deals.

Benefit II: You meet prescreened trade visitors

LIGNA is the world’s most important platform for premiering innovations to the global public. Trendsetting products, solutions and technologies make this trade show a magnet to professional visitors.

  • 95% of LIGNA’s over 93,000 visitors are trade visitors
  • 40% of visitors come from outside Germany
  • 45% of visitors do not attend any other trade show beside LIGNA

Benefit III: You reach decision-makers with investment plans

A clear focus on the needs of visitors, as well as presentations and panel talks on current trends and issues speak clearly for LIGNA. The result? Trade visitors with decision-making authority and substantial investment plans.

  • 79% of trade visitors are authorized to make purchasing and acquisition decisions
  • 37% of those are play a pivotal role in making decisions in their company

Benefit IV: You generate a maximum number of leads

Exhibitors at LIGNA 2015 recorded up to 1,600 new contacts at their respective stands. With good advice, systematic and consistent follow-up can transform these contacts into valuable leads.

Benefit IV: You cultivate contacts and utilize existing potential

Invitations to your booth strengthen your relationship to your existing customers and provide an excellent opportunity to present new products in a personal setting. In addition to traditional customer retention channels, trade show invitations are also an effective way to utilize existing business contacts: Use the potential you have in your address database and transform prospective buyers into new customers.

Benefit V: You profit from many other invaluable benefits

Added to this are the “soft” advantages of a trade show appearance – benefits that cannot be measured in numbers but which make your appearance especially worthwhile:

  • You boost your name recognition and strengthen your international image
  • You make your presence known instead of leaving an open field for your competitors
  • You receive valuable feedback regarding your products and solutions
  • You benefit from broad, professional news coverage
  • You can use the trade show to gain new employees
  • You have the opportunity to network at the trade show and the events
  • You can observe competitors and discover new industry trends
  • You present your new products to a large audience


Floor space rental

The easiest item to calculate is floor space rental . At LIGNA the cost of floor space is between € 77 and € 82 per square meter for the open-air site and € 205 per square meter indoors. Two parameters that affect the price of floor space rental are the location of your exhibition stand (open-air site or indoors) and the type of stand you desire.

Marketing fee

In addition to floor space rental, you will be charged a mandatory marketing fee of €1,020 per square meter. This includes many attractive services to maximize your success at the trade show:

  • As Managing Director you will receive an invitation to the opening ceremony
  • An unlimited number of complimentary tickets for your invitation campaigns
  • Full visitor details of your guests
  • Internet exposure on the LIGNA website
  • Your company will be listed in the printed exhibitor index
  • Your data will be available on our electronic visitor information system (EBi)
  • Online and on-site market research
  • Individual consultations for designing targeted marketing campaigns

Stand construction

The exhibition booth is your calling card at LIGNA and can significantly influence the success of your exhibition. In principle you can decide whether to bring your own booth builder or work with Deutsche Messe’s own system solutions. If you want to keep the organizational effort and expenses to minimum, fair-packages which include floor space, stand construction, and services provide an attractive solution.


In terms of logistics and configuration, there are no limits to your exhibition booth. You can book individual services module for module according to your needs. Important basic services that you can’t do without include electricity, water, telephone, Internet, cleaning and security for your exhibition stand.


Advertising and communication campaigns before and during the trade show are indispensible in order to successfully generate leads. These measures determine the amount of traffic at your stand. Advertising campaigns in Deutsche Messe’s media services, PR activities and sponsoring are also effective means of communicating your presence. We would be happy to consult with you in planning and carrying out these measures.

Other expenses

Don’t forget to include expenses for travel, accommodation, and meals – for you and your employees.

Conclusion: Identify opportunities, tap potential and benefit 100%!

Presenting your company at HANNOVER MESS is not free – but it’s an investment that’s worth every penny. No other acquisition channel has more potential in terms of new business, market exposure, keeping an eye on the competition, and customer loyalty.

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