LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
Visitor Service

WLAN Service

Free WLAN service on the fairgrounds – brought to you with the kind support of VDMA and Deutsche Messe.


In collaboration with VDMA, Deutsche Messe is providing free WLAN service at LIGNA. Visitors are entitled to up to three (3) hours of free WLAN usage against registration of their ticket code number or barcode. This service is available in every exhibition hall and all open visitor entrances (North 1, Est 3, South 1, West 1, West 2). All you need is a WLAN-compatible device and a standard browser. After connecting to the WLAN and requesting any URL, you will be forwarded to the Deutsche Messe web portal. Choose “Free Wifi” and log in with your ticket code/barcode. You can also access our on-site WLAN via numerous roaming partners.

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Please note that WLAN performance may be affected by factors such as the number of users and potential interference (e.g. due to multi-storey stands, other wireless networks, parallel use of the same frequency, etc.). We advise exhibitors to use a wired Internet hook-up with guaranteed bandwidth.

If you are experiencing any problems, our WLAN Support team will be glad to assist you. Just call the hotline at +49 511 89-38992 or stop by our office (ask for the location at the EBi counter).

Free WLAN service at LIGNA is brought to you with the kind support of VDMA and Deutsche Messe .