LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May

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Know what's inside a log before sawing.

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CT Log High-speed Computed Tomography for Logs contains a digital reconstruction of stems and logs, virtual cutting and value optimisation in real team.

CT Log kicks off a new era of value optimisation in the timber working industry. CT Log allows continuous, qualitative and full 3D stem and log reconstruction. For the first time, size and position of wood defects can be accurately described in all three dimensions. CT Log virtually evaluates appearance, quality and strength and assesses its impact on the final products even before the physical breakdown of timber. That means that, cut views are thouroughly optimized based on the highest quality and value. And that production is managed according real-time priorities.

Large Cone-Beam Computed Tomography is an innovative approach to computer tomography developed by Microtec. This approach uses a large X-ray sensor rotating around timber and an innovative mathematical inversion algorithm to perform high-speed and high accuracy CT-scanning with speeds up to 120 m/min. To achieve the high performance results the engineers developed materials which are at the same time resistant and permeable for X-ray. Many research programs are previous to the CT development. A new solutions for the CT Scanner was created to be able to transfer 8 kW without contact and without wearing and maintenance to the rotating gantry. This means to grant a constant and even impulse.

CT Log advantages at a glance:

- Go digital
- Real-time virtual cutting and grading
- Value optimisation
- Industrial engineering
- High performance computing

CT Log boosts value optimisation in the production process by virtual cutting of timber and grading of final products.

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