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The BDB system integrates in only one machine the functions of a perfect metering bunker and of
a continuous scale.
The metering variations are obtained by changing the speed of the metering belt according to the Set value.
The electronic device box supplied with the machine, puts into relation the weight signal coming from the load cell with the real speed signal of the metering belt, coming from an encoder; the instant and the total metering values are controlled.
The BDB system continuously weighs and measures without inertia! In addition there addition are no «tails», which are not exactly checkable. The load on the cell will always be constant and close to the max. capacity, also in the case of small metering flows.
The BDB system exploits always the best resolution and grants an accuracy of +/- 0,5% referred to the real metering capacity ( and not to the max. capacity ) in the complete setting range from 10% to 100% of the load cell.
The BDB continuous metering scales are a stand-alone unit and can be installed both in a new resin preparation system or be fitted to existing systems to replace obsolete and unreliable scales.

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Dry cleaning system

After years of research Instalmec has created a great solution for cleaning wood in the dry area of the plant. Such solution is suitable for both virgin and recycled wood. This new dry cleaning system works in a different way compared to the system that the market offers today. Indeed, after many years more

Disk Roller Screen

After one and a half year of research carried out in its laboratory, Instalmec has developed a new, more efficient Disk Roller Screen. The aim of this innovative device is to obtain a higher sorting efficiency in the wet and dry areas of the plant by means of a very precise separation of the individual more

Improvements on dryers

Improvement on dryers to increase the drying capacity, to improve the quality of the particles and to eliminate the high costs of maintenance. 1. Improved dust feeding system capable of continuously dosing the dust to the burner thus avoiding the pulsation of the burning flame. 2. Extraction system more

Upgrading of existing dryers

Dryers retro-fit Taking advance of its long experience in the world of dryers for wood particles, Instalmec offers to retro-fit existing old dryers with state of the art technology. New design of the pneumatic circuit. Fluid dynamic optimization by means of 3D Flow Works Modification of the more

Drying units

Wide experience in panel board technology allows INSTALMEC S.r.l. to be on the market with complete, reliable and cost-effective drying units, provided with innovative solutions. Our knowledge of the problems connected with the use of recycled wood was enriched by the experience developed working together more

Rotary valves

Rotary valve type CC: Suitable for high pressure applications, high filling factor. Wear proof execution, inlet and outlet Provided with steel knife, extra-heavy housing construction with chrome-plated box and adjustable brass seal rings for minimum air loss. Stainless steel execution if required. more

Pellet plants

Instalmec features almost two decades of experience in the design and construction of Plants for Pellet production. We offer custom-made solutions according to our clients' requirements: - turn-key plants managed by a PLC which allows to monitor the whole production process; - modifications to already more


The silo is a structure used for the storage of bulk materials. It is used in various industrial sectors for the storage of various materials like sand, cement, phosphates, wood particles, various kinds of dusts and granules. Instalmec manufactures bolted and/or welded silos according to the needs and more

Feeding bunkers with bottom screws

Instalmec dosing bin is equipped with a number of extracting screws (special design) calculated in function of its dimensioning. For each screw, moreover, there is a single and independent gearbox unit. Screw volumetric extraction capability is constant: adjusting each rotation speed in the correct more

FAC Filter

INSTALMEC installs filter type FAC for the pneumatic conveying system. These filters are very simple, suitable for continuous operation and they require very low maintenance. The automatic sleeves cleaning system in carried out by compressed air. The cyclone system allow the separation of the coarse more

Cyclone Filter FC

Wide experience in different industrial branches allows INSTALMEC S.r.l. to be on the market with complete, reliable and cost-effective suction and de-dusting units, provided with innovative solutions. Our knowledge of problems connected with the use of recycled wood, plastic dusts and other pollutants more

Pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying is increasingly used for the handling of bulk powder or granules of various kinds. Among the countless advantages of pneumatic conveying there is the possibility of complex pathways, the absence of leakage or release of material and the simplicity of the system. Advantages: - more


General suctions system and the pneumatic conveying for particle-board and MDF lines. Advantages: Upright construction reduces significantly the floor space required. The integrated cyclone avoid to install additional cyclones before entering the filtering system: this means huge investment more

Press exhaust cleaning system

The exhaust gas extraction system is installed on the continuous press in charge of panel production in order to minimize the risks of fire. Indeed, fire might be caused by deposits of substances present in the fumes released during the pressing process of the wood panel. Suitable hoods positioned more

Forming Bunker for OSB, MDF, PB

The Metering Bin is installed upstream the forming machine, and it is used to supply it steadily with wood chips or fiber. The control of the material unloading is brought about by using both a weighing instrument, and a conveyor belt. Advantages: - Modular construction with insulation panels; - more


A complete range of 10 sizes of our specialized resining machines is available to cover fully all your requirements for applying resin to the wood particles and fibres. Our Blenders are characterised by a much reduced mixing speed and very big and extended chambers compared to the old and traditional more

Glue Kitchens

The metering variations are obtained by changing the speed of the metering belt according to the Set value. The gravimetric preparation of the glue mixture is effected with 5 components suitably regulated. For each component one appropriate pump, driven by a frequency converter, provide to blow in the more

Dosing Bins

The BDB system integrates in only one machine the functions of a perfect metering bunker and of a continuous scale. The metering variations are obtained by changing the speed of the metering belt according to the Set value. The electronic device box supplied with the machine, puts into relation the more

Combustion chamber for Wet Biomass Grate Furnace

A bunker is foreseen for the storage and loading of the fuel to the combustion chamber. Such bunker continuously feeds a chain conveyor. The combustion chamber is fed by the chain conveyor, and an automatic hydraulic system pushes the fuel to the upper part of the moving grate. A Fan (primary fan) balances more

Pneumatic Screens

The innovative screening system was studied to improve and maintain a constant screening efficiency and to eliminate all the problems arising from heavy oscillating machinery. The INSTALMEC pneumatic screen is static machine and has been created to overcome well-known problems of which: -Moving machinery -Expensive more

Densimetric Separator

The Densimetric Separator combines two physical rules - vibration and blowing effect - in order to well separate heavy contaminants from wood particles. The material is introduced through the upper part of the machine by a special hopper on the densimetric table. The material is distributed on the whole more

Water Separator

The material to be cleaned is fed through a dosing screw «1» into a water basin where light material floats, while the heavier pollutants such as stones, metals, glass, etc fall down and are removed by a chain conveyor «2». On the opposite side «3», the same chain conveyor removes the floating material more

Kinetic Separator

INSTALMEC's new kinetic separators are a technological evolution for the separation of heavy bodies (sand, stones, glass, metals, wood agglomerates, plastic agglomerates and rubber, etc.) from the wood chips flow. The system is based on the suspension in air of the materials, together with the kinetic more

Gravimetric Separator

The great family of WPS and DPS gravimetric separators satisfies the required capacity of any plant. The INSTALMEC gravimetric separator is a simple system but very efficient in classification. The principle of its operation is based on sequentially fluidization speeds obtained from different sizes of more

High efficiency hammermills

- High reliability - Minimizes maintenance costs - Low specific energy consumption - Easy replacements of hammers - Rotor set to rotate in both directions - thus allowing to use both cutting edges of hammers - Safety devices in order to prevent accidental opening - of the machine while it is workingread more

New High Efficiency MDF Cleaner

It is generally known, that 98% of all MDF production lines have a common problem not solvable with traditional separation systems available on the market: Small black spots on the panels' surface Today, Instalmec is proud to offer a new generation technology of separator of material obtaining a much more

Low Pressure Drop Cyclones

Operating principle: The innovative design of the air outlet, the internal helical scroll (for specific applications) and the installation of a special finned flow breaker system enable the separation of material at lower air speed compared to traditional cyclones as the air is evacuated in the more

Combustion chamber for Dry Biomass Autofuoco System

Wood dust, as main fuel used in the combustion chamber and in the thermal energy plants, due to its high silica content, causes a series of disadvantages: - High deposit and consequently reduced performances in the combustion chamber; - Wear and dirtiness of the refractory materials, eventual heat more

Cleaning system for recycled wood

Effective cleaning of wood, no matter its origin; Clean operating area thanks to suction system in vacuum installed on every machine; - High productivity and reliability; - Top precision in each fraction classification; - Additional cleaning of finest fraction (the system removes also sand from dust more

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