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developed to improve material feeding


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The uneven material distribution in the flaking chamber is a well-known problem of the state-of-theart knife ring flaker systems in the market. As a result, the total installed knife length cannot always be used evenly, causing uneven wear of the flaker components responsible for the cutting conditions and flake quality.

The new developed FlowOptimizer solves this problem with using 3D distribution technology, which ensures the optimum material distribution over both the complete knife ring width (knife length) and also the entire knife ring circumference. The FlowOptimizer is a special distribution rotor integrated into the flaking chamber. The axially blownin chips enter the inner chambers of the distribution rotor, are set into rotation, and are then guided
via centrifugal forces through the openings at the front and rear of the system, towards the main rotor. This achieves optimum material distribution in the flaking chamber, allowing the uniform use of the total installed knife length.

Optimum material distribution over the total installed knife length:

Optimization of flake quality and reduction of operating costs per ton of material produced.
Increased flaker throughput and extended service life of wear parts
by optimum use of the total installed knife length
Improved flake quality by optimized adjustment of the flaking parameters due to uniform wear on the rotor and knife ring components (wear parts)
Less regrinding of the cutting knives and rotor knives
Reduced energy consumption by optimum cutting conditions over a greater period of time
Easy adaptation to different input materials and production conditions by adjusting the FlowOptimizer and varying its rotation speed
Easy Retrofit

The FlowOptimizer is mounted with bearings in the flaker door. This makes the retrofitting of existing machines very simple: Only the door with the installed distribution rotor and newly designed heavy particle separator must be replaced.

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