LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May

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Multi purpose hole saw carbide tipped, the saw body is made of steel, cutting depth 50 mm. Drilling in all kinds of woods and boards, MDF, aerated concrete, plaster board, plastics and tile.

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Machine Drill with brad point and cutting lips, HSS

Premium version of fully ground quality with two main edges and two cutting lips. Special internally ground spiral for very good chip removal. Ground by robots on CNC-machines. For exact drilling into all wooden materials, hardwood and laminated boards. Shank constructed for drill chuck Ø 13 more

Drill Rig for Auger Bits

With additional handle, two continously adjustable bit stops, two spiral springs for drawing back the power drill and with adjustable plate for the drill bush so that precise boring is possible. For power drills 43 mm. For borers Ø 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 mm. Version with two solid guide more

Auger Bit, Lewis pattern

"Lewis" pattern, milled version relief ground by robots, screw threading centre point, main edge and cutting lips of premium quality. Parallel shank with 3 clamping surfaces. Ø > 32 with hex shank 13 mm. For boring deep holes in softwood and European hardwood with power drill and joinery machine. < more

Special Counterbore

Cylinder boring bit with centre hole for exchangeable dowel pins or pilot drills. 2 main edges and 2 roughing taps for clean cut. Ø > 50 mm 3 clamping surfaces. For countersinking on a right-angled surface for taking in screws and plugs in wooden constructions. Guidance of the counterbore is granted more

Disc + Plug Cutter

Twofold by robots relief ground main edges and circumference cutters. Effective length of the plug max. 75 mm, if lateral ejection is required the effective length of the plug is max. 40 mm. For the production of plugs for filling knot holes or fixing partial damage of the wood in combination with Bormax®. more

SUPER-Cylinder Boring Bit, carbide-tipped, Precision

Carbide tipped with brad point, 2 main edges, 2 roughing taps. Precisely ground by diamond wheel on CNC machines. High quality carbide tipping and special waved grinding (> Ø 23 mm) on the main edges.Tear free accurate holes in all types of hardwood, plastic coated chipboards and plastics. Very good more

Pilot guided Bormax®

Bormax with exchangeable brad point, also to pre-drill. Included in the delivery: Bormax with exchangeble brad point/pilot drill, center point, pre-drill Ø 4 mm and one MEX Key. With the pilot-drill it is ideal for drilling at an angle which is not 90° to the workpieces surcface , for example it occures more

Bormax®, Forstner bit

Forstner Bit with wave-form cutting teeth, two main cutting edges and brad point. Rapid drilling in softwood, European hardwood, chipboard, MDF etc. Rapid material removal of solid wood and chipping boards. Clearly less effort is needed and boring is more rapid than with the usual forstner bit. Top for more

TCT-Bormax³, Forstner bit carbide-tipped

The first carbide tipped Forstner Bit with brad point, carbide-tipped main cutting edge and carbide-tipped wave-form cutting teeth. Freehand drilling to all types of wood: soft and hard wood, European and exotic (also bongossi), MDF, panel materials, also laminated materials and many plastics. Really more

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