LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May

KIPP Hinges

Kipp Werk, Heinrich

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Hall 16, Stand B19
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Hinges provide fastening options for doors, hatches, hoods and housings in machine and plant construction.

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KIPP Clamping, tension, cam levers

Clamping levers are intended for manual alignment for fixation tasks and clamping applications. Cam levers are ideal for quick fixation. The product group is characterised by a wide variety of designs, materials and colours. These classic elements find use in machine construction, tool making and plant more

KIPP Clamping Devices

Clamping elements are used to clamp workpieces in fixtures for machine tool production. A variety of components hold the workpiece in position for CNC machining. Ideal for fixture construction and machine tool more

KIPP Telescopic Slides

Telescopic slides are used as the functional unit for drawers and pull-out systems. They are supplied in full extension and partial extension types, in part with end-of-travel dampers. Heavy-duty versions are well suited for production equipment, sheet metal processing and peripheral assemblies in plant more

KIPP Hinges

Hinges provide fastening options for doors, hatches, hoods and housings in machine and plant more

KIPP Handwheels, position indicators

Handwheels are used to position and adjust shafts and spindles. Handles are recommended for long travel paths. Position indicators allow measurement of the travel path. Handwheels are used for measurement equipment, test equipment, by shipbuilding and armaments, machine construction and plant more

KIPP Pull, tubular, recessed handles

Pull handles are grip elements for opening and closing covers, panels and hoods. Our products are characterised by their stability and ergonomics. They are used in machine construction, plant construction and production more

KIPP Grips, knobs

Grips and knobs allow manual fixation and clamping. The locking knobs feel good in the hand. A wide variety of designs for various spatial conditions and clamping forces can be installed within visual range. Ideal for machine construction, toolmaking, plant construction, test apparatus and medical more

KIPP Transporttechnik

Kugelrollen werden beim Transport von Werkstücken eingesetzt. Befestigungssysteme und Haltesysteme wie Ringschrauben werden als Transport und Hebehilfe für bewegliche Güter genutzt. In Transporttechnik, Logistik, Maschinenbau, Schaltschrankbau und für Fö more

KIPP Toggle clamps, power clamps

Toggle clamps are used to hold and clamp workpieces. They are used as mounting and holding fixtures. The products are designed for assembly and clamping technology, toolmaking and fixture more

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