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Laminated veneer lumber has been available commercially for over 30 years. During this period its popularity has grown and the manufacturing process developed by Raute has proven to be the most reliable and most adaptable for a wide range of different production situations.

LVL is made from sheets of veneer. When these sheets are combined into a continuous billet of LVL, the effects of flaws in individual sheets are negated because they are spread throughout the cross-section of the billet, rather than being concentrated in specific locations, such as is the case with sawn lumber. For example, a flaw in a single sheet of veneer laid up into a 15-ply billet of LVL will effectively be 1/15.

These days, the challenge facing LVL producers is how to make the strongest possible LVL from their available raw material using smart grading techniques to sort their veneers.

LVL is produced and used in a variety of different lengths, thicknesses and widths. Raute's LVL process is based on a combination of continuous lay-up and cycle-type hot pressing that is suitable for the production of LVL in all lengths.

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Technology Services

Raute provides the knowledge, technology and experienced professionals to assist customers in the plywood and LVL industries to improve their production processes for the entire life cycle of investment. Our versatile range of services covers all maintenance and modernization activities, ensuring more

Decorative Veneer machinery

Raute's expertise in veneer technology extends to decorative veneers used in the production of furniture and cabinetry. These veneers are produced on a veneer slicer from wood species highly regarded for their visual appearance. Such species include exotic hardwoods and certain softwoods. Due to more

LVL machinery

Laminated veneer lumber has been available commercially for over 30 years. During this period its popularity has grown and the manufacturing process developed by Raute has proven to be the most reliable and most adaptable for a wide range of different production situations. LVL is made from sheets more

By-product handling

Efficient by-product handling systems ensures reliable operation of primary production lines. Different end use of by-product requires individually selected solutions for optimal by-product handling system. The handling of all by-products arriving directly from primary production line(s) must be constant. Reliable more

Panel overlaying

Value-adding is the natural and best means of achieving optimum financial returns for the production of wood based panels. The press is the heart of the overlaying process, defining its technical and economical success. The key features of a superior overlaying press are its ability to function reliably more

Panel packaging

Raute supplies automatic and manual panel packaging lines that use both plastic or steel strapping. We also supply the Cross Wrap® automatic wrapping system that uses patented technology to seal all edges and corners of the package, making the contents resistant to cold, heat and moisture. CrossWrap more

Panel repairing

Raute manufactures both automatic and manual panel repair lines. We offer a fully-automatic system combining vision technology and robotics for repairing the faces of plywood panels. This technology is based on the use of intelligent VDA camera grading to identify patchable defects. This data is then more

Panel sanding and grading

Raute works with leading sanding machine manufacturers in supplying the most advanced systems available for sanding and grading plywood panels. Our panel grading lines incorporate our own advanced machine vision technology, which identifies all defects that impact the grade of the panel, such as surface more

Panel trimming

Raute panel trimming lines are designed to satisfy the production demands of modern plywood mills, whether they produce large volumes of commodity panels or specialty-sized panels. Automation plays a key role in Raute's panel trimming line solutions. Our fully-automatic trimming lines are designed more

Plywood pressing

Raute manufactures plywood pressing lines for handling all panel sizes and thicknesses. The type and scale of the system offered will depend on the production requirements of the mill. Raute hot presses are supplied to be either pit- or floor-mounted and are constructed to exceed even the heaviest more

Plywood lay-up

Raute's lay-up and gluing solutions satisfy the production and labour requirements of all plywood producers. They include lines that utilize a minimum amount of labour in laying up panel constructions based on composed and full sheets, as well as fully-automatic and custom-designed lay-up lines for more

Veneer patching

Raute is recognized globally for its expertise in patching technology, with patching solutions available to process all commercial hardwood and softwood species. We offer a wide range of proven patching solutions, each designed to meet specific customer needs, regardless of the production needs might more

Face veneer composing

The face veneer composing process utilizes face-quality full sheets, sheets that contain face quality veneer, pieces of random veneer as well as down-graded face grade veneers to maximize total face veneer volume. Efficient face composing improves total veneer recovery and reduces random handling more

Core veneer composing

The proper and efficient composing of veneer improves recovery and reduces labor costs associated with handling random veneer. It also improves panel quality by eliminating core voids, while facilitating automatic layup be enabling lower-quality and random-width veneer to be assembled into full sheets. more

Veneer scarf-jointing machinery

The demand for special-sized plywood panels has increased globally along with the need to process small diameter logs. As a result, there is a growing need to invest in more advanced scarf-jointing technology that will enable the flexible production of plywood in a variety of standard and specialty more

Veneer Drying machinery

Raute's family of veneer drying products are renowned for their high productivity, energy efficiency and ability to produce high-quality veneer. A drying line may be 4- or 6-deck in varying widths and capacities for drying a wide range of different wood species. A typical Raute drying system comprises more

Veneer Peeling machinery

Raute is recognized globally for their expertise in peeling technology. Peeling solutions are available for processing all commercial hardwood and softwood species. Raute offers a wide range of peeling technologies to satisfy every customer's requirements, regardless of how small or large their more

Log handling machinery

Raute is recognized globally for its expertise in log handling technology. Log handling solutions are available for processing all commercial species, both hardwoods and softwoods. Our wide range of log handling solutions are designed to satisfy the needs of our customers, regardless of their individual more

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