LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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Ready for Industry 4.0

On your way to Industry 4.0 with TR-Electronic


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Comprehensive networking and open communication between systems are the driving force for the next technological advances in industrial automation. The increasing demand for the production of products and the implementation of additional functions in production systems, along with the demand for competitive pricing, calls for intelligent and adaptive production systems that effortlessly communicate with each other. Speaking a common language in this diverse world of industrial automation is where TR Electronic continues to thrive..
TR-Electronic absolute positioning sensors with Industrial Ethernet provide the information highway to the executing component of the machine or system. PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP or Powerlink, available in the absolute rotary encoder or an absolute linear measuring system, deliver position data directly to the control unit. A plant component is no longer a black box, controlled with just a few binary signals and always doing the same task. Relevant data is directly available for linking processes. The compact absolute rotary encoders in the CE_58 series measure up to 32768 steps per revolution with 256000 revolutions, and can be integrated seamlessly into PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink or SERCOS. The LA/LP46 linear absolute measuring systems can measure positions up to 4 m without contact, and wear-free. The moving part, a permanent magnet, does not require a supply lead. The LA46 series, with its pressure-resistant tubular housing, can be directly installed into hydraulic cylinders. The LP46 series has its own profiled housing and can thus be optimally mounted on machines and systems. These systems also support PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink and SERCOS.

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Measurement system for hand operation

Electronic position display for precise hand operated axesread more

Motion - Compact drives

The versatile decentralized drives from TR-Electronic, also referred to as the encoTRive series, now support the EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet Interface. The communication system uses CANopen DSP 402 standards to transmit the parameters embedded in the EtherCAT protocol. The specified CANopen over EtherCAT more

Safet incremental rotary encoders

The solution doesn't always have to be complicated. An incremental rotary encoder is just the ticket for the safe detection of speed, direction of rotation or stationary monitoring. The use of certified components makes us your one stop shop for complex application solutions. We offer the safety-certified more

LMC 55

With LMC 55, you do linear absolute measurement with up to 20 m. Wire Draw encoders can wear out, magnetic tapes could catch ferromagnetic dust and chips, laser sensors can not measure many positions in the same area and trad. magnetostrictive measurement systems are limited in their length. LMC 55 made more

SIL rotary encoders now with FSoE

SIL rotary encoders now speaks Safety over EtherCATread more

Ready for Industry 4.0

Ready for Industry 4.0 with TR-Electronicread more

Absolute rotary encoders with EtherCAT P

Industrial Ethernet is now a widely accepted standard for automation technology. The networking of devices familiar from the traditional field buses have also been established for new, Ethernet-based interfaces; the bus cable is connected from one device to another. Together with the voltage supply, more

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