LIGNA 2019, 27. - 31. Mai

Vektor CS

CNC-gesteuerte vertikale Bohr- und Eintreibmaschine


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Halle 11, Stand B46
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Vektor CS ist eine flexible Vertikalbohrmaschine mit integriertem Leimeinspritz- und Dübeleintreibaggregat. Die ideale Lösung für Mittel- und Großbetriebe, die Schränke bearbeiten.

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Opera R

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Opera 5


Opera 7


Vektor CS

CNC-gesteuerte vertikale Bohr- und Eintreibmaschineweiterlesen

Brema Eko 902

CNC gesteuerte Bohr- DÜbel- und Einpressmaschineweiterlesen

Brema Eko 2.1

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Akron 1300

Automatische einseitige Kantenanleimmaschinenweiterlesen

Akron 1400

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Stream A

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Stream B MDS 2.0

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Selco SK 4

CNC-gesteuerte Plattenaufteilsägenweiterlesen

Selco WN 6

Plattenaufteilsäge mit PC-Steuerungweiterlesen

Selco WN 7

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Insider M

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WinLine One

CNC-gesteuertes Multi-Bearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Skipper 130

Rüstfreies Bearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover B Edge

CNC-gesteuertes Kantenbearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover A Edge

CNC-gesteuertes Kantenbearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover B FT

CNC-gesteuertes Bearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover A FT

CNC-gesteuertes Bearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover C

CNC-gesteuertes Bearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover B

CNC-gesteuertes Bearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover K

Numerisch gesteuertes Bearbeitungszentrumweiterlesen

Rover A

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Skipper V 31 and Skipper 130

Skipper V31, the smallest of the range. The Skipper V31 is a compact and versatile Biesse numerical control drilling machine that combines flexibility and performance in a reduced floor space. Skipper 130 is the innovative solution that allows the customization of different types of formats and the ...weiterlesen


Vektor is able to sequentially drill, mill, route, and insert panels of different dimensions. It is complete with a panel handling system that enables the operator to manage panel loading and unloading without stopping the production cycle. The proposed Vektor is equipped with a 10-position-revolver ...weiterlesen

Eko 902

The EKO 902 high speed drilling solution will also be available for visitors to see. This CNC machining model's compact design requires a reduced floorspace and combines flexibility with high performances allowing the management of different panel types in real time. In order to reach high speed production, ...weiterlesen

WORKING CELL dedicated to sizing and nesting

A complete WORKING CELL dedicated to sizing and nesting will also be demonstrated on the stand. It is composed by WNTR 650, Rover A G FT together with an automatic Winstore 3D K1 of positioning on 3 axis, providing a particularly high level of efficiency to the cell. The automatic store is ideal for ...weiterlesen

Sektor 4: sizing machine

For sizing machines, we will demonstrate the Sektor 4 range of panel sizing centres constructed to satisfy the needs of the small and medium companies due to the specific design for single part production or small baches. At the Ligna fair, we will introduce the latest version of the Sektor 4, which ...weiterlesen

Opera 7

Opera 7 (NEW!) is the new high volume Wide Belt Sander by Viet designed to be integrated into high production finishing lines, with the ability to perform a wide variety of applications. The standard configuration includes, cross, roller, spinbrush, superfinishing and cross unit, making the machine suitable ...weiterlesen


Roxyl is the answer to a very wide variety of material, panel sizes and applications. The new automatic edge magazine, capable of changing the edge with the cabin closed, guarantees high flexibility and ease of use.weiterlesen

Akron: edgbanding solutions

Akron 400 is a single sided edgebander for any kind of edge in coil or solid wood lippings. Compact working units, designed to simplify setup, are the best benefit of this range. A modern and user-friendly software interface makes it easy to understand the automatic changeover logic. The edgbanding range ...weiterlesen

Stream MDS

STREAM MDS (NEW!) is the ideal answer to flexibility required by the medium-large scale industry. This solution, available also in automated lines with other machines, guarantees square and final size of different format panels. With Stream MDS, working batch 1 is possible in a simple and rational way ...weiterlesen

UniWin HP WMS multicenter completes

The UniWin HP WMS multicenter completes, and further improves, the performance of Biesse's family of multicenters. Even today, after several years from its first introduction, it is the most productive and compact solution on the market for the production of standard and special windows on the same system. ...weiterlesen

Uniline: flexible technologies for window and door solution

The multicenter Uniline (NEW!) is the CNC machining center for companies interested in a highly flexible system complete with automatic loading and unloading, designed to increase the production of windows and doors components. This modular solution can also be integrated into multiple cells making it ...weiterlesen

Rover C 5 Axis

Rover C 5 Axis delivers a strong alternative to the use of cumbersome and expensive aggregates. It cuts machining times by reducing the number of tool changes required and is one of the most compact 5 axis units on the market and is the perfect solution for the made-to-measure furniture and joinery industries.weiterlesen

Rover K G

Rover K G (NEW!) is the entry level machine with gantry structure for all manufacturers wanting to automate their production. The rigidity and reliability of the gantry structure is combined with the compactness and flexibility of the working center. Specially designed for panel processing, the Rover ...weiterlesen

Rover B G Edge

Biesse's Rover B G Edge series (NEW!) of edgebanding centers makes it possible to complete processing of a shaped and edgebanded panel with a single machine. The wide range of machines, operating units and technology, make the machine suitable for all production companies: artisans, mid-sized and large ...weiterlesen

Rover A 5 axis: new CNC machining centers

The Rover A 5 axis (NEW!) is a very competitive machine in price and performance, delivering a flexible, fast setup solution capable of creating very complex components easily. The Rover A 5 axis features a powerful and interpolating 5 axes electrospindle and a drilling head with independent spindles. ...weiterlesen

At the centre stage an unique Software called bSolid

Biesse will introduce a NEW and innovative software called bSolid. The software is capable of simplifying the management of numerically controlled machines to the greatest possible extent. With bSolid, it is possible to simulate and design with a simple and intuitive approach, allowing any user to ...weiterlesen

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