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Resistant surfaces for interior doors

Among the products on display are the water-borne filler Teknocoat Aqua Primer 1875 with good edge filling and minimum fiber raising, as well as the water-borne, fast drying topcoat Teknocoat Aqua 2580, which has impressive filling properties and facilitates fast processes. The product range includes further water-borne and UV-curing systems developed for the requirements of interior door production:

Water-borne paints
Aquafiller 1100. All-purpose water-borne filler with good filling properties. Suitable for spray applications (horizontal and vertical) and vacuum processes.

Teknocoat Aqua Primer 1875. Water-borne filler with impressive filling properties. Good edge filling, minimum fiber raising, excellent surface smoothness.

Teknocoat Aqua Primer 1867. New water-borne 1K special primer for sealing knots in pine wood. Extremely effective protection to prevent knots from discoloring white or light coloured topcoats.

Teknostain 1996. New water-borne stain for accentuating the color and grain structure of the wood. Available ex works in a large selection of tones for spray processes (Teknostain Aqua 1996-00) and rollers (1996-20).

Teknoclear Aqua 1338. New water-borne 1K clear topcoat with excellent transparency and rapid hardening properties. Fully transparent, even after three coats. Outstanding flow properties, even with minimal application of 70 g/m². Available in gloss levels 10-60.

Teknocoat Aqua 2575. Rapidly drying topcoat for vertical use. Extremely good blocking properties. Rapid hardening, short process times. Can be toned with the Teknocolor tinting system.

Teknocoat Aqua 2577. New water-borne topcoat with excellent blocking and anti-burnishing properties. Quick drying and stackability, short process times.

Teknocoat Aqua 2580. Water-borne topcoat for particularly resistant surfaces. Excellent filling and blocking properties, quick drying. Ideal for high line speeds.

Water-borne UV paints
Teknolux Aqua 1429. All-purpose water-borne UV, available as clear coat or 1728 white topcoat. Extremely good blocking properties. Available in gloss levels 5-50. Produces highly resistant, abrasion-resistant wooden surfaces as per DIN 68681 class 1 B and IKEA IOS-MAT-0066 (class R2).

Teknolux Aqua 1728. Water-borne UV for high quality wooden surfaces, available as a pigmented or clear topcoat. Extremely short process times in combination with quick UV drying. Produces highly durable surfaces as per DIN 68681 class 1 B and IKEA IOS-MAT-0066 (class R2). Can be toned with the Teknocolor tinting system.

100% UV-curing paints
Uvilux 1456. UV-curing sealer for roller application. Extremely good filling and sanding properties.
Uvilux 1754. UV-curing primer with strong hiding power. Available from factory in different tones.

Uvilux 1760. UV-curing primer, specially optimized for application with opti-roller. Available from factory in different tones.

Uvilux 6450. UV-curing clear coat with extremely good flow properties. Produces resistant surfaces with a high degree of chemical resistance. Available in gloss levels 5-90.

Uvilux 1745. UV-curing topcoat with strong hiding power. Produces resistant surfaces with a high degree of chemical resistance. Available from factory in numerous tones and gloss levels 20-95.

International press contact
Teknos A/S, Søren Juhl Hansen, Industrivej 19, DK-6580 Vamdrup, phone +45 76 93 94 00,

About Teknos Group
Teknos is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial coatings with a strong position in retail and architectural coatings. Teknos has its own production in seven countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and China. In addition, Teknos has sales companies in 20 countries and exports to more than 20 countries via a well-established network of dealers. Teknos employs around 1,700 staff. Teknos was established in 1948 and is one of Finlands largest family-owned businesses.

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