LIGNA 2021, 10. - 14. Mai



IPCO is a new name in high performance steel belts for double belt presses but a business partner with whom mostin thewood-based panel industry will already be familiar.Previously operating as Sandvik Process Systems, the company is now an independent company within the Swedish Wallenberg group. “Our teams, skills and service support are unchanged,”explains global product manager Sascha Porst. “We have more than 600 people operating from 35 sales and service offices so we remain uniquely positioned to serve the world’sWBP industry. The ‘Sandvik Moose’ has been a familiar sight at Ligna for many years and will be backagain, onlythis time under a new brand, IPCO.” As well as introducing its new name, IPCO will use Ligna2019 to highlight its unique role in the history of press belt production and thewealth of support services it provides to press manufacturers and WBP producers alike. The company can produce press belts 1.2 -3.5 mm thick, and up to 4,620 mm wide, helping to meet market demand for theproduction of high quality boardsat speeds of up to 2500 mm/sec. The manufacture of wide belts involves welding two or even three belts together longitudinally -top and bottom -to create a belt of the required width. The belt is then ground to meet critical thickness tolerances and to achieve the required surface texture. The higher the qualityof manufacture at this stage, the lower the requirement for post production grinding on the end product, so IPCO’s ability to produce premium quality belts can have a significant impact onthe overall productivity and profitability of apress operation. The same applies to belt repairs and the company will be showing oneofits most advanced repair tools,the QuickDisc Plus 500, a cutting, welding and grinding system for belt repairs. Further information from Staffan Karlsson:

Return of the moose -now under the IPCO brand

IPCO steel belt prepared for installation on a press