LIGNA 2021, 10. - 14. Mai



"Your solution for digital entry" JUST START. At some point, almost every business faces the question of how best to get started. The "Digital entry" workshop concept has the answer. Under this concept, HOMAG presents simple entry-level solutions that allow the user to gain transparency in their production, recognize potential for optimization and improve existing production processes. HOMAG's concept at LIGNA demonstrates an illustrative scenario. When an employee moves a job through the entire production process, they face different challenges: How can they access digital job information for their production easily? How can they use optimization software if there is already a cutting saw available? How can they retain an overview of all parts? How can they use data continuously? HOMAG has a range of digital assistants to support the production process: 1. cabinetCreator (furniture configurator) This furniture configurator allows the user to quickly and easily configure the furniture they want on their tablet or PC. As part of a step-by-step process, they can draw on a selection of pre-defined basic forms, which adapt intuitively to construction parameters entered by the user. The user can also create their own library consisting of their cabinet models. After the design phase, fixtures can be chosen based on fixture data from all common manufacturers. Each business can save their own structural rules and use these for new models. Digital data for production, such as drawings, parts lists and CNC programs, are created directly and can be exported. The cabinetCreator is a web-based application and can therefore be used on any device with an Internet browser. This means that it can be used in the office, at the machine or even on the go – and without even having to install any software. Another major advantage is that the software is always up to date, and the business can use any enhancements automatically. 2. productionManager (digital job folder) & intelliDivide cutting optimization Many businesses still use handwritten parts lists in paper form. The productionManager – the digital job folder – allows the data to be used consistently in production. It summarizes all production-related data and replaces the individual paper documents. All data from the cabinetCreator (furniture configurator) can easily be imported to the digital job folder, and can therefore be accessed via smartphone or tablet at any time. The operator then has a transparent status of all orders at their disposal and is easily able to enhance other parts or even transfer parts to intelliDivide cutting optimization. This software creates cutting patterns based on different criteria (low waste, short run time or simply material handling) as well as a parts list – regardless of the type of saw. Using the cutting assistant, productionAssist Cutting, the user can select the cutting pattern that works for them. Labels can be printed at the click of a button. As a result, every part can be clearly identified – at the same time, the label provides processing information about the edge banding machine and CNC processing center. 3. productionAssist Sorting (sorting assistant) The prerequisite for sorting using this production assistant is a special sorting shelf. The user scans the barcode on the workpiece and receives directions on which shelving bay the first part of the furniture should be sorted onto. The advantage is that it is a simple, fast and secure process. 4. productionAssist assembly (assembly assistant) This production assistant for assembly shows exploded and parts drawings as well as a view of the 3D drawing of the furniture. The user can find a list of all required fixtures using an overview, which also features a display of all the furniture that can already be completely assembled. Any type of information concerning the job is therefore always at the user’s fingertips. At LIGNA, HOMAG will present these new features in a workshop with the following machine technology: Precision saw: SAWTEQ B-130 The SAWTEQ B-130 is the smallest HOMAG panel dividing saw. It costs little more than a well-equipped circular saw while providing a much more precise and efficient cutting process. Among other things, the saw is equipped with: CADmatic 5: The high-performance HOMAG saw control system with intuitive operating concept and clear management functions can communicate with tapio, as well as other machines and software solutions. Module45: With this unit, the user can also complete miter cuts on one of the panel dividing saws simultaneously. Labeling: The label identifies each individual part and provides important information for further processing. Edge banding: EDGETEQ S-200 (MODEL 1130 FC) Following LIGNA, this model from the HOMAG entry-level range can process edges up to a thickness of 6 mm and workpieces up to a thickness of 60 mm. Another new option in this series is the airTec unit. In addition to the glue application with the gluing roller (also for processing PUR), the visual zero joint can now also be created by means of hot air reactivation. Comprehensive CNC processing: CENTATEQ P-110 Sawing, drilling, trimming: the CNC machine can be used universally for different materials, whether they are panel materials or solid wood. The machine also offers 360° clearance and all-round bumper safety technology. This allows the machine to be freely assembled and converted.

Where should the part be stored? The sorting assistant specifies the slot.

From the digital job folder, the operator can transfer the parts directly to the intelliDivide cutting optimization

Today still just a sketch, but from LIGNA reality: on the stand in Hall 14, specially for trade businesses, HOMAG shows how every business can create their own individual overall concept step by step with individual modules.