LIGNA 2021, 10. - 14. Mai



Premiere: New entry-level model EDGETEQ S-240 – for more flexibility thanks to the axis adjustment A wide variety of designs and materials, combined with frequently changing edge profiles – for these requirements, in the entry-level range of edge banding machines, HOMAG offers the new EDGETEQ S-240 model 1240. The machine is completely new in the HOMAG portfolio and celebrates its premiere at LIGNA. In the basic version alone, this edge banding machine offers a high level of automation. The automation, for example, at the pressure zone, on the snipping unit, on the flush routing unit and on the dual-motor profile routing unit results in significant simplification and time-saving during setup. Individual adjustments can be executed quickly and efficiently using the axis adjustments on the units. For edge banding, the QA65N overhead glue application system with easy cleaning and emptying function is used. The special coating of the system means that all types of glue can be processed, including PUR. In the finishing area, the multi-level scraper unit with two different profiles stands out. It can be fully operated and configured on an individual basis from the powerTouch control system. Premiere: Wider edges and two gluing operations with the EDGETEQ S-200 model 1130 FC With effect from LIGNA, this model from the HOMAG entry-level range can process edges up to a thickness of 6 mm and workpieces up to a thickness of 60 mm. Another new option in this series is the airTec unit. In addition to the glue application with the gluing roller (also for processing PUR), the visual zero joint can now also be created by means of hot air reactivation. Both systems can be used flexibly as required. At LIGNA: part of the "Digital entry networked" workshop concept PUR processing plus multi-level technology: More flexibility The EDGETEQ S-300 model 1440 E is the right machine for users who apply different profiles to workpieces and therefore need a high degree of flexibility. In terms of edge banding, the carpenter can choose which magazine to work with: glue granulate or glue cartridges. The QA65N glue application system, which can be adjusted easily via the control system and offers program-controlled emptying and cleaning, can be filled with granulate — EVA or PUR — manually. Alternatively, the glue can be supplied to the application unit via a melting unit. The melting unit is designed for processing PUR glue and offers a melting capacity of 2.5 kg/h. This technology is new in the EDGETEQ S-300 series and was previously available only for edge banding machines in higher classes. What also stands out is the high level of automation. For example, the infeed guide or the height adjustment can be adjusted by touch via the control system. The multi-level router and the multi-level scraper provide two fully automated multi-level units. All good things come in threes: three processes for edge banding and three multi-level units Perfect jointing, easy handling, and full automation are the distinguishing features of the EDGETEQ S-380 profiLine. Put together, the combination of the airTec unit for hot air reactivation, the EVA Quick-melt pre-melting unit for granulate, and the PUR melting unit for processing glue cartridges is an innovation. As processing progresses, the full automation of the machine becomes significant. The multi-level technology is used on the router, profile router, and scraper. During multi-level routing, the customer can choose between two different profiles or flush routing. With the multi-level scraper, two different profiles are available. Everything can be adjusted at the press of a button. To ensure continuity in production and in the process, the profile router also becomes a multi-level unit. This is achieved with a tool that can simply be switched over during an interruption in work. For economical one-man operation and optimal handling, a LOOPTEQ return is connected to the machine. At LIGNA: part of the "Digital workshop networked" Premiere: More flexibility thanks to a new design and further units — new EDGETEQ S-500 series The new EDGETEQ S-500 series of HOMAG edge banding machines, with feed speeds of 20 m/min, 25 m/min, and 30 m/min, offer more equipment and therefore more flexibility. Entry to this level is now also possible with units from other series. This means that EDGETEQ S-500 machines can now be equipped with the MS40 multi-level routing unit, the MF60 Servotrim multi-function profile routing unit, the BF40 fine routing unit and the MZ40 multi-level scraper unit. The space requirements for the new AG12 gluing unit basic version are immediately smaller. Even this basic version allows individual strips of up to 12 mm to be processed as standard. The handling of the application unit when changing the glue and paint has been simplified and now offers the option of emptying the application unit in the machine. Pneumatic cleaning of the glue roller and the automatic closure of the metering slide in the event of a power failure are also standard. An extraction hood—for both EVA and PUR processing—specifically extracts glue vapors. Edge heights of 12–65 mm can be processed on all gluing units. Optional freely movable horizontal roller carriages ensure flexibility where space is tight. The supply of liquids, that is, the supply of separating agents, lubricants, antistatic agents and cleaning agents is now arranged centrally outside the machine. It takes up less space overall, allows the use of larger containers (10 l), is easily accessible when changing containers and the fill levels are more visible. Another new feature is the positioning of the grooving unit at the outfeed. This prevents workpieces, units and tracing mechanisms becoming dirty during edge finishing. The new drilling grid makes it easier to retrofit the machines with units and offers greater investment security. At LIGNA: Two EDGETEQ S-500 machines with different units and different feed speeds Both edge banding machines are equipped with an air cushion table—for easier workpiece handling—as well as an automatic infeed guide, the new liquid supply, with an S2 joint routing unit (Basic or Performance) and workpiece preheating. The machines differ more significantly as the processing progresses. EDGETEQ S-500 with a feed speed of 20 m/min PUR glue is processed on the new AG12 Basic gluing unit. In the post-processing area, special units, available for the first time for this series, are used: the MS40 multi-level routing unit, theMF60 Servotrim multi-function profile routing unit and the MZ40 multi-level scraper unit. EDGETEQ S-500 with a feed speed of 25 m/min The new AG12 gluing unit can be used either with EVA glue with a melting unit for two colors and a melting capacity of up to 12 kg/h, or with PUR glue with a melting unit and a melting capacity of up to 6 kg/h. The third edge banding procedure that the machine offers is the airTec zero joint technology. This means that inexpensive EVA can be used on numerous body components, while PUR can be used where there is a requirement for resistance to temperature or moisture. And when the look is particularly important — for example, when producing fronts — the airTec zero joint procedure is available. To allow easy setup, the edge magazine has an automatic edge height adjustment. Proven units from our unit toolkit ensure a perfect finish: from the PK25 snipping unit, through the four-motor FF32 snipping unit, to the MN21 multi-scraper. From LIGNA, the FF32 profile routing unit can be equipped with automatic change between three profiles. Automatic change between EVA, PUR, and airTec — and not only in networked, individual production Anyone using the growing diversity of materials to score points for individuality with their customers will be looking for ways to save time and money. The answer is in the fast change between edge banding procedures without any manual intervention. For networked, individual production with an alternating edge banding procedure in batch size 1, an automatic change is a prerequisite and can be seen at LIGNA on the EDGETEQ S-500 profiLine. The profiLine machine is equipped with the airTec unit with rotary air heater for optical "zero joints" and with two overhead application units for PUR and EVA. For storing and pre-heating EVA granulate, a melting unit with a granulate container is attached to the machine. The external melting unit for PUR is movable and allows easy, space-saving handling next to the machine. EDGETEQ S-500 profiLine machines are also ideal for use in individual production because they can be equipped as required, they are efficient, and they can be used regardless of the material. At LIGNA: Part of the "Networked, Individual Production"

New AG12 gluing unit and AirTec zero joint technology

New EDGETEQ S-500 series

New entry-level model EDGETEQ S-240 model 1240