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The quality of the supply chain is a key factor in the acceptance of nail plate systems by users. That is why the Behrens Group decided to start producing nail plates at its headquarters in Ahrensburg when entering this business. The Behrens Group will be showcasing its nail plate system for the first time at LIGNA. "BeA stands for reliability – even in the delivery. That is the reason why we decided to produce our nail plates in Germany, so that fast and reliable delivery is guaranteed without any regulatory barriers in the traffic of goods", explains Tobias Fischer-Zernin, CEO of Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG. Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG is expanding its products and services for timber construction. In addition to offering compressed air and gas operated nailers and staplers, electric screwdrivers, nails, staples, screws, wood connectors and wood screws, the Europe-wide leading manufacturer is now offering a complete system for nail plate construction. "Our high quality nail plates from certified production, design support, qualified technical advice and flexible logistics means that we are an efficient and productive supplier of a full range of products and services," emphasises Tobias Fischer-Zernin. Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG has incorporated decades of expertise into the development and production of fastening and connecting material for timber construction and the manufacture of nail plates. BeA nail plates are compatible in application, functionality and load capacity with marketable products. BeA offers a comprehensive range of high quality zinc coated nail plates in various thicknesses and sizes. All BeA nail plates comply with the EN 14545 CE mark. Additional safety in use is provided by general type approval from the General Building Inspectorate, the technical authority for construction engineering in Germany, for BeA 2.0 nail plates. Nail plate construction allows effective support systems to be designed individually and implemented economically. This ensures that load capacity of the timber construction is utilised optimally. BeA nail plates are also suitable for use as anti-split plates in the end grain area. This prevents the wood from splitting even in the case of narrow cross sections. Nail plate constructions are very versatile to use in structural design and suitable for anything from single family homes to agricultural or commercial buildings with roof structures of up to a 35m span. Nail plates can be used to erect constructions including binders for saddle, scissor, parallel and monopitch roofs and other complex construction forms. Nail plate constructions can be produced with a high degree of dimensional accuracy and weather resistance. The high level of prefabrication and fast assembly times reduce personnel costs. Nail plates can also be used for special constructions, formwork, connecting pallet blocks and reinforcing boxes. Characters: 2,922 About Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG, through its brands BeA and KMR, is one of the leading European manufacturers of fastening technology for wood and wood-like construction materials. The Behrens Group, which has been established for more than 100 years, markets machine tools (compressed air and gas powered nailers and staplers) developed and manufactured in Germany, as well as compatible fastening elements (magazine loaded nails, staples and screws) through a global network of subsidiaries and associated companies. These products are characterised by innovative technologies, the highest quality standards and modern manufacturing methods.

BeA nail plate 1.jpg Development and production – Made in Germany. The Behrens Group has set up its new Nail Board Systems Division at its headquarters in Ahrensburg. Photo: © Behrens Group

BeA nail plate 2.jpg BeA offers a comprehensive range of high quality zinc coated nail plates in various thicknesses and sizes. Photo: © Behrens Group