LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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Visitor target groups

Energy from Wood

Around the world, the renewable portion of the overall energy mix is growing steadily. And while the wood industry uses a lot of energy, it also produces a lot of renewable fuel in the form of waste wood, chips and sawdust. On-site wood-based electric generation, heat-recovery and co-generation (combined heat and power) therefore offer serious potential for harnessing this waste and achieving big reductions in operating costs.

Halls 25 + 26 and Pavilions P32 - P33 + P35

Energie aus Holz

This is where LIGNA's " Energy from Wood " showcase comes in. Focusing on all aspects of wood-based decentralized energy production and use, it is a major information and dialogue forum for wood industry experts, power plant operators, energy companies, industry associations, fuel producers and political leaders.

For you as a LIGNA visitor, it is an opportunity to experience all kinds of amazing plant and machinery for utilizing wood waste and extracting energy from wood – everything from chippers and shredders to furnaces. Aside from the halls, you can head out to the themed avenues on the open-air site, where you will discover wood-based fuels as well as the technologies needed to prepare, store and transport them, and plenty of expert advice.

Cross-industry synergies

This year, LIGNA features a revamped layout of themes designed to make your time at the show even more convenient and enjoyable. The new hall layout achieves this by creating synergies between the primary wood industry and downstream industries. For example, the closely related Wood Based Panel Production and Sawmill Technology showcases are now positioned immediately adjacent to the Energy from Wood displays.

The wood panels on display at the former are engineered for maximum quality and are very eco-friendly to produce. And the Sawmill Technology displays feature all the technologies used in primary wood processing, including solutions and tools for roundwood yards and log conversion, sorting and drying systems, energy production systems, and everything in between.

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Wood Industry Summit

The Wood Industry Summit is a key meeting and dialogue hub for technology manufacturers and global partners from industry and forestry. This year it is themed "Access to Resources and Technology" and is an opportunity for exhibitors to highlight and present technology solutions for specific wood industry challenges. more


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