LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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New site & hall layout reflects technology convergence between woodworking trades and industrial wood processors

Halls 11 - 15, 27


LIGNA is an absolute must for furniture industry professionals and decision-makers who want to keep up with the latest technological innovations and trends. This year, once again, the offering for the furniture industry is very diverse, ranging from the latest plant and equipment to innovations in automation technology – basically everything you need for Integrated Manufacturing (Industry 4.0). And as a reflection of the sweeping changes affecting the industry, LIGNA 2017 will sport a brand-new site layout and distribution of themes.

New site & hall layout reflects technology convergence between woodworking trades and industrial wood processors

This year, for the very first time, the exhibits in the halls are grouped completely by technology, rather than by target users or the scale of users' operations. Thus a new display area called Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production has been created. The new clusters feature like with like. They also deliver two key benefits for processors of solid wood and visitors from the furniture industry and woodworking trades:

Greater transparency and shorter walking distances between interrelated displays.

This gives you more time to gather information, discover new innovations and build your business networks.

Integration, Industry 4.0 and PPC

Industry 4.0, meaning end-to-end digital integration of manufacturing, is not just a fancy trend; it is the next stage in the evolution of industrial manufacturing, and it is happening now. Integrated manufacturing is already bringing change to industry – including the furniture industry. A case in point is RFID technology, as seen at LIGNA’s RFID Factory showcase. The showcase profiles technologies used for labeling and making products and parts for downstream identification and tracking and integrated supply chain management.

Meanwhile, the dictates of efficiency and market demand for greater product individualization are driving greater automation in the wood furniture industry. That is why, at LIGNA 2017, for the very first time, you will find an entire hall dedicated to Machine Components and Automation Technology , and another dedicated to Surface Technology . What's more, these two sections are closely integrated with displays on Wood Based Panel Production .

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