LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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12th Lower Saxony Crane Driving Championships and inaugural Women’s Crane Driving Cup

Master classes in skillful vehicle handling and, as such, exciting and popular spectator events.

Forwarder Meisterschaften Gewinner

The 12th edition of the Lower Saxony Forwarder Championships were held as is now traditional on Ascension Day during LIGNA 2017. Drivers from the state of Lower Saxony competed once again with guest starters from other German states.

The best female drivers in Germany also returned to Hannover to compete for the Forwarder Women's Cup championship which debuted in 2015.

Spectators thus enjoyed a full program on the forwarder grounds east of the Unternehmerpavillon ("entrepreneuers' pavilion") P33.

Competitors' performances once again demonstrated the excellence in play every two years at the Forwarder Championships during LIGNA.

Right at the start Michael Ostendorf set a new record in tower building. He needed only a spectacular 1:41 minutes to construct a tower measuring more than two meters tall with the seven, in part unevenly cut component pieces. World-class performance!

Records continued to be set later during the Cup race where drivers competed directly against one another.

The winner and Lower Saxony Forwarder Champion was Ingo Blum, who was once again able to defend his 2013 and 2015 titles. Sven Küddelsmann and Michael Ostendorf took second and third place.

In the judging including guest starters, Daniel Bergmann (Schleswig-Holstein) came in ahead of Ingo Blum and Günther Weismann (Bavaria).

Daniel Bergmann competed at Ligna as the current German Champion and was able to use the event as preparation for the World Championship a few days later in Sweden, where he was also victorious.

In a race that kept the suspense high until the last moment, Julia Haase came in ahead of Christin Winkler and Marion Kaltschmidt to win the Forwarder Women's Cup.


The event was organized and hosted by the Lower Saxony Forestry Education Center Münchehof (Niedersächsische Forstliche Bildungszentrum) and the Lower Saxony Association of Forestry Contractors (AfL Niedersachsen), with the support of Deutsche Messe.

The competition vehicles were made available by Wahlers Forsttechnik (Ponsse) and KOPA Forstmaschinen (Rottne), with the additional support of specific forestry services companies.

LIGNA 2017 - Crane Driving Championships

LIGNA 2017 - Crane Driving Championships LIGNA 2017 - Crane Driving Championships
2:27 min

Precision, top concentration, and against the clock - the participants in the Forwarder Championship at LIGNA are really up against it!


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