LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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13th Lower Saxony Crane Driving Championships and inaugural Women’s Crane Driving Cup

Among the more spectacular events on the open-air site are the Lower Saxony Crane Driving Championships and the Women's Crane Driving Cup. Held on the Thursday of LIGNA, they offer a thrilling mix of big-machine mastery, sport and entertainment. These two must-see events are organized by the German Association of Forestry Contractors (AFL), with support from Deutsche Messe.

Outdoor Demonstration Site

The contests will be held on the open-air site, just to the east of Pavilion 33, and test the drivers in a range of disciplines. In the qualifying rounds, each driver races against the clock to stack blocks of wood into a tower using their crane. Only the best 16 drivers advance to the championship competitions.

In each championship round, two drivers go head-to-head on identical forwarders. They are required to navigate a specially designed course, loading their machines with logs along the way. It’s a test of speed and accuracy.

The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first with the lowest time penalty. Both competitions proceed in this way through various rounds, quarter finals and semifinals to the final.

The overall winners and runners-up of the men’s and women’s competitions automatically qualify for their respective national championships.

See you there!

LIGNA 2017 - Crane Driving Championships

LIGNA 2017 - Crane Driving Championships LIGNA 2017 - Crane Driving Championships
2:27 min

Precision, top concentration, and against the clock - the participants in the Forwarder Championship at LIGNA are really up against it!


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