LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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The German Logging Championship at LIGNA 2019

Formula 1 of forestry skills coming to Hannover

From 28 to 30 May 2019, Deutsche Messe and the German Woodsmen’s Championships Association (VWMD) are co-staging the German Logging Championship on the open-air site at LIGNA (27 - 31 May).

German Logging Championship

Astung 3



Fällung 1

Around 100 of Germany's best forestry workers will demonstrate their chainsaw skills in front of a panel of judges.

The contestants' endurance, handling skills and precision will be put to the test in five disciplines: tree felling, chain fitting, combined cut bucking, precision bucking and delimbing.

While tree felling is the most important of the five disciplines, delimbing is probably the most spectacular. Contestants are scored in accordance with a sophisticated set of rules that is administered by an independent federal body.

Wolfgang Junglas, VWMD President

To be eligible to participate in the national championships, all contestants must first qualify in all five disciplines in accordance with VWMD rules in recognized regional championships. In concrete terms, this means they must have gained at least 1,200 points in the U24 class or at least 1,300 points in the professional class.

Sponsors of the German Logging Championship include Aspen, Husqvarna, Pfanner STIHL, Zeller+Gmelin (Divinol) and. All the sponsors will have their own exhibition stands directly adjacent to the competition grounds on one of the themed "avenues" on the open-air site. Exhibitors will also be able to present their forestry technology solutions in action on an outdoor demonstration site covering over 3,000 square meters (over 32,290 sq. ft.), as part of a special showcase being co-staged by Deutsche Messe and the German Forestry Council (KFW). Each day of the show, the demonstration site will feature a comprehensive program of moderated demos of various forestry technologies.

About the Logging Championship

The idea of turning the routine daily tasks carried out by forestry workers into a competition comprising five key disciplines dates back to the 70s. The German Logging Championship and the International Logging Championship are both held every two years.

LIGNA first hosted Germany’s national competition in 1999. In 2019, some two decades later, the German Logging Championship is once again being held at LIGNA.


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