LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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LIGNA Guided Tours for exhibitors

LIGNA Guided Tours for exhibitors

Your advantages as a guided tours 2019 participant are clear: direct exposure to and contact with specific target groups, sharp differentiation from competitors and valuable business contacts for meeting sales and turnover goals.

Take advantage to up the profile of your corporate brand and/or products, and to make a lastingly positive impression on a choice audience.

Trained guides lead visiting professionals and interested members of the general public right to your stand, in groups of up to 25. Three tours are on offer, each on a topical theme. Only six exhibitors can sign up for each tour, so the time to apply is now!

Please apply via the LIGNA Shop or give us a call.

LIGNA Guided Tours are a win-win. For exhibitors, they are a guarantee of maximum visibility for their brand and innovations; and for visitors they are an optimal use of precious time at the show.

LIGNA Guided Tours 2019 - Tour topics

Tour 1 - Integrated Woodworking – Customized Solutions

What does it take to make production both resource-efficient and flexible? What do manufacturers need in order to respond swiftly to changing market conditions and growing customer demand for product individualization? The answer is integration. To be part of the digital age and stay competitive, manufacturers need to digitally integrate their machines, tools, components and up- and downstream systems. They need to invest in the latest automation technology. Smart Factory. Connected Factory. Industry 4.0. Predictive Maintenance. IoT platforms. These approaches are all part of the integrated manufacturing and automation landscape. And they are as relevant in small workshops as they are in large factories. This tour focuses on advanced production technology and associated software solutions. It is your opportunity to present your latest IT and industrial automation solutions and show visitors how your robotics and automation technology can make their production more efficient. Let visitors see how your machines and tools “talk” to one another and enable individualization in both custom and mass production.

Tour 2 - Smart Surface Technology

The growing industrial demand for product individualization has led to a multitude of new surface design processes, technologies and solutions. From grinding, brushing, pressing, rolling, spraying and polishing to process technologies like 3-D and digital printing – what can state-of-the-art surface technology contribute to this development, especially against the background of increasing digitization? What potential do process technologies like digital or 3-D printing offer, and what is the potential for further development in the areas of adhesives, coatings and inkjet technology in terms of energy and resource-efficient, sustainable processes? This tour focuses on the relevant technologies and processes involving surface treatment and refinement, inspection and quality assurance.

Tour 3 - Sawmill Technology – Innovations and Trends

In the sawmill industry, maximizing wood use efficiency is of paramount importance. Faced with dwindling wood resources, sawmill operators are increasingly looking for technologies that enable them to efficiently process sawn timber into value-added products. Manufacturers of sawmilling machinery are rising to this challenge with new high-tech, high-efficiency systems for maximizing sawn timber yield and detecting key characteristics in individual timbers and logs. The tour offers insight into technologies for the entire sawmilling: Machinery for all log applications, whether cut-to-length or uncut, large or small-diameter, plus systems ranging from highperformance to small and versatile to custom optimized. Also featured are machine tools for primary wood processing; machines for tool-making and maintenance, timber logistics and log yard products and solutions, machinery for handling, sorting and packing, measurement technology for all applications, drying technologies, energy plant and waste wood utilization technologies for sawmills. A complete overview of the sawmill technology.


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