LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
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Focus topics LIGNA.21

Green Material Processing

As one of the world's most important renewable resources, wood has a central role to play in this process. By choosing Green Material Processing as the third focus topic for LIGNA 2021, the organizers are highlighting the economic and technological innovations arising from the new processing and finishing options for timber as a key renewable resource.

Why is the "Green Material" becoming increasingly important?

Fokusthema_Bioökonomie 1

The concept of the bio-economy has gained political and economic importance worldwide in recent years. Bio-economy describes the path from an economy based on fossil and mineral raw materials to an economic form that uses biological resources, processes and systems. Wood, as the most important renewable raw material, provides a central basis for this.

Focus topic "Green Material Processing"

It is all about technology, research, framework conditions and developments in practice – especially in terms of potential value creation for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Products and processes in the LIGNA portfolio, such as paints, coatings, lubricants and 3D printing, form the basis for the focus topic. In doing so, it is also important to consider the challenges and developments of the global wood-based bio-economy.

LIGNA.21 is all about Green Material Processing

LIGNA.21 under the impact of the focus topic

LIGNA.21 will focus on emerging process technologies involving the shaping methods of chemically treated wood fibers. These enable the development of innovative wood fiber and hybrid products.

Special Formats

The following special formats reflect the focus topic at the upcoming LIGNA:

  • Join stand "Green Material Processing" (Hall 26)
  • Guided Tours "Green Material Processing"
  • Global "Green Material Processing" Summit 2021


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