LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
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Focus Topics LIGNA.21

Prefab Building Processes

One of the three focus topics at LIGNA.21 is "Prefab Building Processes". It focuses on the development and opportunities in timber construction and their consequences for the industry.

What must contemporary building materials be like today? Like wood!

Photo: ©Terhalle

Wood meets all the requirements of contemporary building materials: it is sustainable, recyclable and requires a minimum of energy for production and processing. Accordingly, the proportion of purely wooden buildings or mixed wood constructions in the total construction volume in Germany and worldwide has risen continuously in recent years.

With the increasing importance of timber construction for the entire construction industry, investments are being made in new technologies and equipment.

Focus Topic "Prefab Building Processes"

This is accompanied by a great dynamic in the development and optimization of prefabrication processes in timber construction. The processes include the use of wood as a building material and the respective steps in the planning, prefabrication and assembly of timber structures – both for new buildings and for existing buildings.

LIGNA.21 is all about Prefab Building Processes

LIGNA.21 under the impact of the focus topic

At LIGNA, the entire process, from planning, processing and finishing to logistics in operation as well as to and on the construction site, can be experienced. These processes need to be harmonized with the general trends in timber construction:

  • Elementation and standardization
  • Multi-storey timber construction
  • Hybrid buildings

Special Formats

The following special formats reflect the focus topic at the upcoming LIGNA:

  • Guided Tours
  • LIGNA.Forum
  • Joint stand "Prefab Building Processes"
  • Carpenter’s Day on the 2nd day of the fair
  • German Timber Construction Award


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