LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
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From Tree to Fuel

A to Z of firewood production

Lower Saxony Agricultural Association to present solutions for compliance with clean air regulations.


Sooner or later, renewable energy sources will be an important part of the energy mix in the industrial and residential sectors – despite the current low prices for fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. One renewable energy source that offers major advantages over fossil fuels, particularly in rural areas, is wood. Which is why in 2019, LIGNA, the world’s leading trade fair for Woodworking and Woodprocessing Plant, will feature a program of special presentations on the subject of “Energy from Wood”.

The wood fuel program will span all the latest trends, developments and solutions. That’s everything from firewood processing to furnaces and everything else in between, including the saws, chippers, log splitters and the like needed to process raw timber into firewood lengths and chips. In the furnaces section, the products on show will range from wood-fired boiler systems to automated chip and pellet burners. The program in the exhibition pavilions beneath the venue’s iconic Expo Canopy will have a strong focus on solutions for using wood as an eco-friendly energy source while also exploring solutions for wood production (forest management and timber harvesting) and the use of wood as a construction material.

On the open-air site on front of the EXPO canopy, the Lower Saxony Agricultural Association (LWK Niedersachsen) will present an entire chipwood production line at a showcase titled “From Tree to Fuel”. The showcase will illustrate the various technical processes involved in transforming solid wood into a useable fuel. Highlights will include solutions designed to ensure compliance with Germany’s stringent clean-air regulations. The Lower Saxony Agricultural Association and several other institutions, including the Lower Saxony Renewable Raw Materials Network (3N), will be offering visitors manufacturer-independent information and advice on all matters relating to wood energy, including energy forest establishment, silviculture and harvesting, the preparation and storage of wood fuel, logistics, quality standards, the technological solutions available for utilizing wood as an energy source, and compliance with clean-air regulations.

The exhibitions and presentations at the two-yearly LIGNA show will be rounded out by expert conferences and guided tours.


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