LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
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KWF – Business pavilion plus activity zone

KWF Business Pavilion – tomorrow's forestry technology today

2019 will mark the ninth time that the German Forestry Council (KWF) is spearheading this special forestry technology presentation at LIGNA.


Held in Pavilion 33 beneath the iconic EXPO canopy, the unique, technology-centric forestry industry meeting hub is organized by KWF with input from the German Association of Forestry Contractors (AFL) and the Lower Saxony Forestry Service (as represented by the Lower Saxony School of Forestry – NFBz). It is aimed at forestry companies and takes a manufacturer-neutral look at key forestry issues and challenges.

Among the featured topics are:

  • Forestry 4.0:
    In today's forestry industry, digitization starts among the trees, with all processes, from crop to log yard, now fully integrated. Large scale machines, such as harvesters and forwarders, now have onboard computers and are networked with each other. This is Forestry 4.0, a topic that will also be covered by the displays on the open-air site in front of the pavilion. Highlights here include displays of log-yard data flows and data processing. There will also be displays of technologies dedicated to hazard detection and prevention, safety and rescue for forestry workers. Topics here include "Natural Disasters in the Forest", "Precision Forestry" and "Forest First-aid and Survival".
  • Battery-powered machinery in professional forestry:
    Thanks to research in the automotive and energy industries, rechargeable batteries are steadily becoming smaller, more affordable, more powerful, longer-lasting and less maintenance-intensive. These developments are now flowing through into forestry work methods and technologies. Pavilion 33 is about keeping the forestry industry informed of the latest issues and developments. The displays and exhibits on the pavilion's lower level will be supported by quality discussion forums on the upper level.

LIGNA Forestry Benefit Evening 2019


Benefit-evening on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Supported by KWF

On 29.05.2019, Deutsche Messe AG will host the traditional Forestry Benefit Evening with the awarding of the Hans-Jürgen-Narjes Prize by the KWF. Minister Otte-Kinast will present the award.

Participation is only possible for invited guests.




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Outdoor Demonstration Site

Open-air demo site for forestry technology

There will also be a demonstration site where, every day of the show, LIGNA exhibitors will run live demos of forestry equipment and tools and large-scale forestry machinery. more


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