LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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KWF – Business pavilion plus activity zone

Theory and practice to life with hands-on demonstrations

LIGNA's forestry technology section will sport a number of exciting new features. The open-air site will be arranged in various "theme avenues" dedicated to key aspects of the wood production chain, and will also feature a central demonstration site. Plus there will be an activity zone in front of Pavilion 33.


Pavilion 33 – the "KWF Business Pavilion"


The KFW Business Pavilion will be in its eight season at this year's LIGNA. Held in Pavilion 33 beneath the famous EXPO Canopy on the open-air site, the forestry technology showcase is organized by the German Forestry Council (KWF) in partnership with the Lower Saxony branch of the German Association of Forestry Contractors (AfL Niedersachsen) and the Lower Saxony Forestry Service (represented by the Lower Saxony School of Forestry – NFBz). The Center takes a vendor-neutral look at a range of technical and market issues of key importance to forestry business operators. The main themes covered include:

  • "Every Second Counts – Forest Rescues"
    KWF has compiled a standardized Germany-wide database of forest rescue extraction points. The data is available free of change at . At LIGNA, KWF will present a range of applications that can use this data. These include a zoomable map that can be used to search for and locate rescue extraction points, a rescue app for mobile devices, and the NavLog forest track navigation solution. Forest owners will also be able to go to this presentation for advice on identifying additional extraction points.
  • ELDAT – Data Standard for Wood Logistics"
    At this presentation, the KWF will be profiling the current ELDATsmart data project and previewing the new ELDAT Basic Viewer. These are forestry logistics data exchange standards that give forestry and wood-industry companies, particularly SMEs, affordable options for leveraging the power of digitalization.
  • "Forest and Game – Safety First!"
    KWF is partnering with the Lower Saxony School of Forestry (NFBZ) to provide a comprehensive look at hunting standards and associated safety requirements. The focus will include inventorizing bark stripping damage by animals, hunting safety, hunter safety on roads and railway lines and the associated equipment, hunting gear, and inspection of hunting blinds and shelters. There will also be an interactive video rifle range where both real and "armchair" hunters of all skill levels can put their hunting prowess to the test.
  • "Winch-assisted motor-manual felling of large-diameter trees"
    Demonstration by professionals, for professionals. The KWF is partnering with the German Association of Forestry Contractors (AfL) to demonstrate safe large-diameter manual tree-felling with the aid of a special-purpose forest tractor equipped with a cable winch.

Demonstration site in front of Pavilion 33

  • "Drones in the forestry industry – a revolution in our woods"
    This presentation will explore the state of the art in drone technology and the applications and benefits of drone use in the forestry industry. It will take a look at drone use for monitoring risks to forest health, for inspecting storm damage and for planning and building harvesting tracks.
  • "On-Board Computers in Harvesters – Forestry Companies as Part of an Efficient Wood Logistics Chain"
    This event examines the latest developments and options for the use of harvester data outputs direct from on-board computers. Examples include standardized work orders, the digital issue of production reports, electronic delivery notes and invoicing plus quality assurance in timber supply.
  • "Forestry from the Air"
    Drones are too small for tasks like timber harvesting and forest liming. Hence the growing use of helicopters for these sorts of jobs. On the open-air site, KWF will present a range of forestry services and tasks that can be accomplished using manned aircraft. The presentation will be supplemented by demonstrations of various aspects of aerial forest firefighting and rescue.
  • "Ground-based forest firefighting"
    The primary focus here is on the latest technical equipment and methods for preventing and fighting forest fires.
  • "Building hunting blinds and shelters"
    In partnership with the Lower Saxony School of Forestry (NFBZ), the KWF will run a practical demonstration on the ins and outs of building hunting blinds and shelters. Hunting and safety experts will elaborate on hunting blind/shelter safety requirements and demonstrate practical solutions.
  • "Cable winch inspection"
    The background story here is that the KWF frequently uncovers serious shortcomings in cable winch inspection practices. At LIGNA 2017, the organization will therefore be demonstrating its mobile cable winch testing station, which it developed in partnership with the Forestry Employers’ Liability Insurance Association. The station provides a cost-effective and relatively quick means of testing winch safety parameters.

These presentations will be complemented by a range of forums, workshops and meetings.


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Outdoor Demonstration Site

New in 2017: Open-air demo site for forestry technology

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