LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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LIGNA Trainings

Showing, Doing, Knowing

From 27 to 30 May 2019, the pavilion in front of Hall 11 will again be a hive of training activity. Selected exhibitors will again be offering practical training sessions for users from the joinery, cabinetmaking, carpentry and assembly trades. The motto says it all: "Showing, Doing, Knowing".


Hands-on experience and valuable pointers


Each session takes about 2 hours and covers a range of topical issues and trends that are highly relevant to the woodworking trades. The participants have the opportunity to try out new products for themselves. The focus is primarily on new mobile and stationary machines and innovative production and processing methods. While the participating exhibitors do have demonstration areas at their own exhibition stands, there often isn’t the time for an in-depth presentation of all the benefits and possibilities of the new products and systems on offer. The high ambient noise levels and hustle and bustle of the exhibition halls further adds to the difficulty of doing justice to some of the more sophisticated solutions.

Pavilion 11 in front of Hall 11, on the other hand, offers a quiet oasis away from the crowds that is conducive to learning. It’s where the participating exhibitors invite serious potential customers to take part in the LIGNA Training Workshops. Invited guests are seated at café-style tables, provided with training documents and served refreshments while a speaker briefs them on the technical details and complex applications of each solution, using state-of-the-art presentation technology. Next, the attendees are invited to "roll up their sleeves" and try the new tools and solutions out for themselves on pre-prepared work-pieces.

In 2019, the organizer is expanding the workshops to include digital applications. For instance, there are already firm plans for courses on computer-aided design and use of social media. An added benefit of the LIGNA Training Workshops is that they leave plenty of room for expert discussion and Q&A sessions that address concrete problems that tradespeople encounter in their daily work.

LIGNA training sessions are free of charge to all participants. The sessions take place in the pavilion adjacent to Hall 11 and will be held in German only.

Tischler NRW supports LIGNA Training Sessions 2019

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