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Access to Resources and Technology

Wood Industry Summit

The Wood Industry Summit will be in its third season at LIGNA 2019, which runs from 27 to 31 May in Hannover, Germany. Staged in Hall 26 and themed "Access to Resources and Technology", the summit is a well-established showcase for the forestry and wood industries. It is organized by Deutsche Messe in conjunction with the German Forestry Council (KWF) and comprises a forum, lounge and exhibition area.


The Wood Industry Summit under the title "Access to Resources and Technology" is the international platform for communication and technology and provides an entry into new growth markets. The cluster "Forestry and Wood" in combination with forum, lounge and exhibition area is located in a central spot in hall 26.

The daily changing main themes of the forum are the digitalization of the cluster forestry and wood as an absolute hot topic, the optimization of the entire forest-wood-logistics value chain from standing trees through to final processing in factory, the protection of forests from biotic and abiotic damage, and the climate and environmentally-friendly harvesting processes. High-ranking international experts are expected at the professional lectures.

The Wood Industry Summit itself is dedicated to the future of the forestry and wood industry.


The Wood Industry Summit is always attuned to the future, and in 2019 it will include an all-new group pavilion that will explore the implications of the German government's "Charter for Wood 2.0" policy direction.

The new group pavilion is produced and run by the organizers of LIGNA in partnership with the German Sawmilling and Wood Industry Association (DeSH), Germany's Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), the Ministry for Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MULNV) and the German Forestry Council (KWF).

The Charter for Wood 2.0 is part of the "Climate Action Plan 2050" that Germany's federal government adopted in November 2016. The Charter for Wood 2.0 is in fact named in the action plan as a milestone along the road to achieving Germany's climate targets. Its primary objectives are as follows: to boost the wood and forestry contribution to climate protection through sustainable forest management and wood utilization; to maintain and grow the value added and competitiveness of the German forestry and wood industry; and to conserve finite natural resources through sustainable and efficient forest and wood use.


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