A one-of-a-kind show daily, “LIGNA Digital Daily” will once again, focus updates from the industry with just –released technological innovations, video interviews and event updates, you need to showcase to the world before, during and after the revolutionary LIGNA.IN

There will be 3 newsletter LIGNA Digital Daily will be send out on 3 days of this year’s event LIGNA.Innovation Network.

For booking your spaces and deadlines please contact:

Mr. Apratim Ghoshal
Editor-in-Chief at Wood and Panel

Packages and Prices 2021

Package A
One Square Banner in first or second newsletter
EUR 1,999

Package B
One News in first or second newsletter
One Square Banner in second or third newsletter
EUR 2,999

Package C
One Square Banner in first newsletter
One Video interview in second newsletter
One News in third newsletter
EUR 3,999

On request
Max 6 news in each newsletter
Max 4 video in each newsletter
Max 6 banner in each newsletter