LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
CNC technology

Always a perfect fit

It isn't just LIGNA that has a new exhibition space concept in 2017 - COBUS ConCept has also repositioned itself in Hall 15. With COBUS NCAD, CNC programs can be created fully automatically from CAD systems and then applied directly to any machine.

24 May. 2017

The first Porsche 911 hit the roads around 54 years ago and since then has been continuously enhanced and developed. Its legendary status results in part from precisely this approach, as each individual 911 is among the best sports cars of its generation. The COBUS NCAD CNC programming system from COBUS ConCept, based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, is itself now 25 years old, but it, too, is leading the way thanks to forward-looking adaptations to market demands. The latest version of COBUS NCAD being presented at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover puts an end to multiple programming of CNC machines and machine-dependent interfaces with software partners.

As with any other company, wood processing businesses need to protect corporate know-how and thus also data, such as CNC programming master data. COBUS NCAD stores this data and therefore the know-how of employees, thus ensuring uniform control of all machining centers and production lines. Among other things, this cuts the costs of introducing new CNC machines, as COBUS NCAD enables CNC master data to simply be transferred to the "new" machinery. COBUS NCAD also increases customer satisfaction, because repair requests based on old programs can be carried out immediately. What's more, training costs are eliminated if every employee can program every CNC machine. And last but not least, interface costs also fall, as all master data is transferred to production via COBUS NCAD.

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